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Most people have heard of YouTube, and possibly a video clip was sent from friends or family to make them laugh or surprise them. However, there is more to YouTube than viral videos made by people using YouTube to promote their products, services, or creative production. This article answers the question, “Can anyone use YouTube” in hopes of inspiring you to join the millions of users who also use YouTube?

Let’s take a look at the two main criteria shared by all YouTube publishers to get started. The first is the ability to access the Internet so that they can download video content. Without internet access, you won’t be able to upload your videos to YouTube online, but that doesn’t mean you need a computer to use YouTube. Many users upload their work via their smartphones so that anyone with a smartphone with a camera and internet access can use YouTube.

If you are using a computer to download content, broadband access via dial-up is preferred only because it is faster to download a large amount of data in question. Still, if you do not have this option, it will not prevent you from publishing your work; it will be just a slower process.

You don’t need a lot of hardware to create content; You can use a basic digital camera with a video option, a digital video camera, a smartphone, or more professional equipment. You also don’t need complicated software or computer skills to upload your content to YouTube. You can download a video file that you have stored on your computer’s drive or use your smartphone’s video download function.

If you plan to produce a large amount of video material and the more secure and practical it becomes, you may find yourself upgrading to more sophisticated equipment or software. However, as you can see by looking at the thousands of videos uploaded every minute to YouTube, you don’t need to have very expensive or complicated tools and hardware. Many users are happy to produce content that satisfies their community with relatively simple cameras and tools.

The second thing users share is a clear goal that they want to share with others. Regular YouTube content editors know what they want to achieve with their video content. Here’s an important point: publishers of good videos know that YouTube visitors don’t want to be sold, but rather want to share other people’s experiences or knowledge.

This could be sharing something fun, shocking, exciting, an important event, live events, breaking news, insights, comments, opinions, or something educational, such as a tutoring session. If you can entertain, inform, educate, or entertain your visitor, you can also use YouTube.

If you take a look at the categories, YouTube ranks content into; you can see a wide range of topics on offer. This includes games, sports, music, animation, and non-profit organizations. This provides you with a wide range of topics and themes from which to create content. If you are knowledgeable, experienced, or passionate about a topic that falls into these categories, you can also use YouTube.

As part of your research, visit YouTube and search under the topic you think you would like to post video content. Take a look at the type of people who produce videos – it’s probably a mix of hobbyists, business organizations, and professionals. Learn about the types of videos that are recorded: some are outdoor events, some are held in an office or even a living room, some are interviews, and some are narratives over captions or PowerPoint presentations. There is no obstacle to who, how, or where – everyone creates the content!

Take a look at the view numbers and viewer ratings in your niche and see if you can see a pattern of who gets the most views and the best responses from the audience. Do you see how some people have personalized their channels? It should inspire you to spend some time observing how people interact with their community to add value to your community.

As this article shows, the answer to the question in the title is that anyone can use YouTube. You need to have a clear goal and understand what you want to achieve with your video content and have the ability to upload your videos to YouTube. Even without using complicated software or tools, you can create viewable videos. 

If you have an email list, you can include your YouTube channel at the end of each email and encourage your subscribers to visit you on YouTube. Sometimes people want to connect with a real person, and instead of just providing advice via email, they provide a real person they can contact.

The more email subscribers, the more people will see your videos. It is just a natural law of probability and statistics. Encourage email subscribers to refer a friend to your website and subscribe to the email newsletter as well. These new subscriptions will also show up on your YouTube videos, giving you more traffic. For more details on how to achieve this and more, feel free to visit Here you will learn tips that can help you promote your youtube channel to the next level.

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