Yoga for Everyone – Know About Chair Yoga Here

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Yoga is a natural way of improving your overall fitness. It helps you fight anxiety, stress, and develop muscle strength. Yoga also minimizes your lower back pain and works on your cardiovascular health. A style of yoga that has become quite popular for its ability to help the elderly practice yoga without much risk of injury is Chair Yoga.

Chair Yoga is the best yoga style when it comes to helping you develop the right body posture and minimize the risk of a yoga-related injury. It is the best yoga style to practice if you want to improve your flexibility and enhance body balance. Chair Yoga is yoga for everyone despite their level of practice or experience in yoga.

Let us now understand a bit about this yoga style.

Basic Chair Yoga Poses You Can Practice

Some of the basic chair yoga poses you can practice include;

  1. Hamstring stretch
  2. Side Bend
  3. Half Forward Fold
  4. Quad Stretch
  5. Reverse Chair
  6. Cow-Cat Pose

The regular practice of chair yoga helps you improve flexibility and develop muscle strength. It is also an effective pain management tool.

Let us check out the two chair yoga poses you can practice despite the level of experience or yoga practice.

Chair Yoga Poses for All Levels

Adaptable to all fitness levels, the chair yoga for beginners poses help you relieve tension in your neck, shoulders, and back. There are two chair yoga poses you can practice for releasing all stress from your body and mind.

Let us find out what these are.

The Cow Pose

  1. Sit in a chair and align your feet with your knees. Make sure you keep your hands on your knees and are sitting straight.
  2. Slowly flex your belly and move it forward. Bring your hips forward without changing the position of your head.

Note: The Cow yoga pose helps you relieve lower back pain and fight sciatica pain.

Cat Pose

While sitting in a chair, align your feet with your knees. Keep both your hands on your knees and sit with the spine completely straight.

Without changing your position, bring your head forward till you are looking down.

Imagine a cat taking a big stretch after waking up from a nap. This pose is the best yoga pose for strengthening your spine.

However, with improving your body posture and flexibility also comes a whole lot of injuries which you can easily avoid if you follow specific guidelines. Pay attention to the information below. 

Precautions You Should Take During Chair Yoga Practice

Yoga practice also helps you focus on how your body feels during a particular asana while inculcating deep breathing into each yoga asana. You need to pay attention to how every yoga pose feels, as to if it is comfortable or painful.

We cannot just ignore the risk of an injury during yoga for everyone poses. Given below are some precautions you should remember when practicing chair yoga.

  1. Inhale and exhale properly with each yoga movement
  2. Align your knee over your ankle
  3. Avoid straining, jerking, and bouncing
  4. Sit with a straight spine
  5. Keep both your feet flat on the floor

There you have it! The chair yoga poses you should practice for improving overall body posture and functioning along with how you can avoid injuries during a chair yoga session.


Yoga provides you relief from anxiety and stress. It helps you remain physically and mentally fit in the long run. Regular practice of yoga for everyone like chair yoga helps you practice yoga even when you age and are unable to perform complex yoga poses.

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