WordPress VS Bloggers: Which One is Best?

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Hello, and welcome friends. Many new bloggers have asked me which is the best platform for blogging. So in this article, I’m Going to compare two major blogging platforms. That is WordPress and Bloggers. We all know these both are sharing more number of websites among the internet.

This article, I will explain all the significant metrics, which is an essential factor for newbies. So in this article, we will compare WordPress and Bloggers and will help you to judge which is the best for you.

Search Engine Optimization:

Bloggers have not any plugin, and also don’t support third-party plugins on their platform. So if you are writing SEO friendly article on BlogSpot platform, You have to take the help from WordPress websites.

If you talk about SEO, WordPress is best because they have many paid and free plugins. These powerful SEO tools will guide you at every step of your blogging? That’s the reason many SEO Company in Chennai, India refers to their small budget clients to have a WordPress website because it will be best them to manage their sites from themselves.


Blogger does not require more money from you because it gives you free hosting; you buy a domain name and link with their hosting. If you don’t have money then also you can start blogging in a blogger, use Blogspot domain. But there are limitations in free Domains.


In WordPress, You have to buy Domain name and hosting. And if you want premium themes and plugins, then you have to pay for that too. So WordPress is costly than Bloggers.


If I discuss Security, Then I love Blogger platform because Blogspot is the product of giant tech company Google. And Google has no match in security. Blogger has hosted in google Server. So it’s difficult to hack your website by hackers.

WordPress is also secured, but as I told, this is an Open Source CMS. Any individual or company can contribute plugins/themes, and they may put some virus code in that coding. Also, there is a chance to hack your site if you are using poor web hosting services. So if you know coding and security parameter, then you can use WordPress without any fear.


Control/ownership on your website is a critical factor. Having complete access to your blog means you are free to do action on your blog. You can monetize your blog, Publish the article on your site, and many other activities.

Blogger is service which is managed by Tech Company Google; It never gives you full access on your blog. They can suspend/terminate your website without providing any prior information to you. It works like how major social media work like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Others. They can ban or suspend your account at any time. In the same way, Google also can do with your blogs.

So when You are using Blogger, make sure to take an extra backup, so suppose google suspend your account. You can start on another platform with low losses.

But In WordPress, You are the Super owner of your site, You are free to perform any action on the website, And WordPress has no rights to suspend your account. You can create/modify new pages without any fear.

WordPress can not do this, because you have purchased your domain from other website and Hostings from different website. You just have linked your Domain and Hosting on WordPress. But Google is giving his hosting free to you, So they have access to suspend or ban your account at any time.


Adsense Approval:

Every Blogger has a dream to make money from blogging. And when it comes to blogger platform, It is quite challenging to get the Adsense approval. 2-3 years ago, we can quickly get the AdSense approval, but now this is a quite challenging task for bloggers.

But in WordPress, Getting Adsense approval is easy than Blogger. You just have to follow the Google Adsense guidelines, and you will be able to get Adsense approval on your website.


Blogger rarely gives the update for adding new themes

Because of Open Source, WordPress Doest not depend on any particular Company or team, Updates are frequently coming, and you can see updates regularly on WordPress.


Suppose you talk about support, WordPress better than Blogger. You can get any type of help from youtube because the majority of the people are using WordPress, and there are sharing knowledge on YouTube. You can watch their videos and solve your problems.


But if you talk about Blogger Support, There is less support than WordPress. Compare to WordPress; Fewer People are using Blogger platform so you may work hard to find your solution.


In Blogger, There is an option to export your data and change the platform. But this will affect your ranking, traffic, and SEO effect.

But in WordPress, This is super easy to transfer your domain to any hosting without losing any SEO effort, Keyword Ranking, or website traffic. This is one of the first reason why I Refer to WordPress over Blogger. 


In my opinion, WordPress is the best platforms for blogging. WordPress is an Open Source CMS, So they have a lot of free and paid plugins and themes. You can create your professional website without any Extra Code.

But Blogger has limited themes, and if you make further changes, then you must know about web development. but of course 

Blogger has improved a lot from past days, but still, they have to do more to beat Blogger.

Note: I hope this article is informative, and you have learned something new in this article. I Always try to give you the best answer to your query, so that again you need not visit another website for the same question. If you have any query about WordPress VS Bloggers, you can drop a message in the comment box below. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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