WORD WORLD: 6 Tips for Effectively Teaching a Foreign Language to Your Kids

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With knowledge in different languages, you can be in many parts of the world even from your own home.  

Learning a new language is surely one of the toughest things to do, yet it’s among the most fulfilling and fun activities too. Since you are unraveling something out of the words you are accustomed to, absolutely, it is not easy. True enough, though it might take a really long time for you to master it, every word you firmly digest makes it very rewarding.

Aside from the fact that you can communicate with people from diverse countries, being able to recognize and interact in various languages opens many doors of opportunities in one’s life and career. It’s definitely an edge, especially for those pursuing a job abroad or planning to live there for good.

Besides adults, young kids can reap a lot of benefits from learning and understanding a foreign language. If you want your little ones to get the hang of one or more from a very young age, don’t hesitate! Sure thing, it’s totally advantageous for their cognitive and language development. With it, you will be helping them to be one step ahead of other kids their age and even of anyone older than them!

For whatever reason you want to let your kids understand, speak and write in foreign languages, be there and make an effort to nurture them. This does not just apply to parents who are fluent in foreign tongues, but also for those who have zero knowledge about them. 

Know more about what you, parents, can do to effectively teach a foreign language to your children! Keep your eyes on this list and go!


There are parents who want their kids to learn Korean, Filipino, Japanese or Italian as their second or third language because of their multiracial backgrounds. If you don’t have any other ethnicity aside from the one you have, then obviously, that won’t be your reason in letting your kids grasp a foreign language. 

It would be best if you see that your children are interested and curious about a particular language if you want them to nail down one. That will help you determine where they might lean towards because that means they will be more excited and keen to study it. 

Say your kid is fond of Japanese animé and is remembering some basic words. If you encourage them to learn more about the language, they will have more motivation. Another example, if your children are loving the Aussie accent, then you might want to ask them whether or not they are interested in actually going into the Australian language. You will not have a hard time convincing them since they are already in it.

Keep in mind that if you will push them to get the knack of a foreign language they themselves are not fascinated about, they might not be really eager to do their best to learn. That will make their brains retain some foreign words for weeks only but their hearts will soon forget.


Some people don’t find sense in watching subtitled movies or shows just because it’s hard to focus on both the texts and the images at the same time, but there’s so much sense in it. It’s challenging, but you gain multitasking and paying attention skills.

Watching these subtitled series and movies is a very functional way to get used to hearing multiple languages. Especially if you let your kids watch them often, it sticks to them. Of course, you have to make sure that all the video content they are exposed to are educational and fitting for their age. 

Introduce them to well-created foreign series and movies. You will notice how they adapt one or more words as they keep watching. They find out and pick up different accents and intonations too. 

Your kids can grow with the language as they experience and hear it spoken in formal and casual conversations. What’s more, they can understand them better and straightaway as the foreign words, phrases and expressions are used in their appropriate contexts.

Watching foreign series, cartoons and films enables kids to easily use at home the new languages they learn. It makes them feel gleeful and proud that they are able to do so, too! That makes them more driven to enjoy entertainment while exploring something new!


Many might say that reading is too boring when you just want to happily learn a second language. At some point, that’s somehow true, but darling, you can’t leave “reading” if you want to learn speaking, writing and understanding. 

Since reading directly shows words and images, it can aid your kids to clearly and quickly remember and memorize. Grammar rules and styles are also explained better and more comprehensively through the written sentences one is bound to read!

Especially if you are buying children’s books, you will see how they are fully crafted for better and swifter understanding. Undeniably, words are more precisely seen when they are written and read. From the basics to the complex aspects, kids can discover better. That equates to more accurate conception of the foreign language.


In school, there are clubs required for students to join in and workshops available for them to enhance their knowledge and skills in certain fields. 

There are foreign language school clubs wherein they will be educated and guided as they directly interact with other students. It’s beneficial because they can immediately practice with other kids who are interested in learning foreign languages just like them. They can be more inspired to hit the books with their classmates and friends because they enjoy the bonding and environment too. 

Furthermore, as members of a foreign language school club, they might also gain field trip experiences wherein they will visit museums or join conferences, all centered on the language their clubs are promoting. Engagement and immersion are so significant for them to be familiar with the language and the culture it is used in as well. 


You might want to let your children learn a foreign language step by step and to let them track their progress first hand. Hiring a language tutor is an awesome idea!

You will need to look for a tutor who is a native speaker or a skillful non-native. This is so helpful since learning a foreign language in a classroom has many obstacles like not getting ample concentration and not having your kids’ questions answered. With a personal language tutor, they can study at their own pace, be more confident and be more enthusiastic. 

If you want your children to take a course in Mandarin, there are language schools where you might inquire to hire a personal Mandarin instructor. If French is your kids’ interest, there are online French mentors. There are coaches for Thai, you can find many of them operating online and offline. If your country isn’t focused on English, but you want your kids to learn as it is a universal language, there are English tutoring services you can enroll them to. They are all over the world!

There are many options! Don’t waste your chance to hire language guides for your kids. It will be worth your time and money, especially if you select the excellent and reliable ones!


If you want your youngsters to communicate efficiently with your family and relatives who speak other languages, enlighten them by practicing daily conversations using those foreign languages.

Habitual usage is effective to improve memory and acquaintanceship. Regular practice makes your kids’ mouths move naturally to the way they should, so they can pronounce the foreign words as they should. Your kids will be talking like natives soon even before they know it. Practicing is a must.



The word world is vast! The ends are hard to define. 

Undeniably, learning a foreign language is a big boost to your children’s knowledge, vocabulary and personality too. What you might have not yet realized is that it broadens their appreciation of the world and the diverse countries and cultures that exist in it. 

Without a doubt, supporting your children as they become proficient in a new language will help them get ready for their future and for the real world out there.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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