Why Video Is a Winning Content In These Uncertain Times

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Businesses in various industries have been massively impacted as the economy has taken a hit because of the latest global pandemic outbreak. To respond to this major unpredicted event, marketing sits center stage. Every savvy marketer fights tooth and nails refining their marketing strategy so that they can adapt to this black swan event and continue their operation.

Luckily, there is hope on the horizon; video marketing strategy.

Even before the pandemic struck, video marketing strategy has long been a long-time major buzzword in the digital marketing landscape. It has always been a fool-proof way of reducing churn to win audiences’ heads and hearts. And these days, this highly-engaging content is more crucial than ever before.

Now the question is, why is that?

In this post, we’re going to dive into essential reasons why video marketing is such a powerful way for marketers to thrive and survive the crisis.

How Video Content Can Help Businesses Through the Coronavirus Chaos

The allure of video content in a situation like this is quite simple: While in quarantine, video is the only type of material where people can see other’s faces and hear them talk. That is what makes video content meaningful.

Some companies might stick to stale text-based emails to let their audience know how the crisis is affecting their business and how it might affect them as their customers. But, those messages seem so far away and impersonal.

Video, on the other hand, can deliver the information to the audience with a real, human connection where emotion is visibly involved. With it, marketers won’t only be able to communicate their brand personality, but they also have the opportunity to deliver messages that elicit emotional responses.

In essence, integrating video content into the new-adapted marketing strategy can create a fantastic moment between the audience and a company. It’s such an ideal medium to strengthen communication with them and provide them with quick, straightforward information– which is essential, especially in times of crisis when timely information needs to be communicated ASAP.

That way, marketers can seamlessly make their audience stay engaged, making it much easier for them to recall the brand. Once marketers nail the audience’s attention, they’ll be able to make them stick around the brand. That’s how marketers can stay ahead of the game, even in this tumultuous time.

5 Reasons to Create Video Content for Marketing During the Crisis

During this crisis, written words aren’t enough. Showing the audience that you care and are willing to help them with your brand, product, or service can build massive amounts of goodwill. That’s why video content remains the king of content.

Now, it’s a well-known fact that the benefits of video content for marketing strategy far outweigh any effort that’s involved. These reasons below give marketers more confidence to revamp their video marketing strategy or start creating videos if they haven’t tapped into these approaches before.

  1. Quick to Consume

Video content provides quick, straightforward information. The combination of visual and audio helps the audience understand the core information faster. Psychologically speaking, human brains tend to process visual content 60,000 times faster than text as more than 90 percent of the information that is sent to the brain is visual.

So, it should come as no surprise that the latest video marketing statistics show viewers can retain more than 90 percent of the information if they consume it through video. In a time where people are constantly bombarded by information every day, being able to consume straightforward content that can answer their questions in a matter of seconds is meaningful.

  1. Emotional Connection and Trust

What makes videos a winning content is its ability to use various elements like tone of voice, facial expressions, and emotional background music to your advantage– which you can’t simply do with a text-based post or infographic. Using it in this crisis can help marketers show the expression of caring and their desire to help the audience, especially their loyal customers.

Videos allow you to show that you really care and are still there to cater to their needs, making sure that they’re not alone in this situation. In this case, content that can elicit an emotional reaction in audiences will remain with them for the long haul. That’s why creating videos is such an effective way to create long-term positive relationships and trust-building with the audience. 

  1. Breakdown Complex Topics

Videos are the perfect format to break down abstract or complex ideas into snackable, smaller chunks so the audience can digest the crucial messages much faster and better than text-based content. The combination of sound, motion, and visuals plays a significant role in making the information as concisely as possible.

A marketer whose brand has a techy explanation and needs extra efforts to explain how it works to the audience can take advantage of explainer videos. Not to mention the storytelling ability that video content offers can also keep the audiences’ attention focused, anticipating how the story will unfold. In essence, the audience can get both valuable information and eye-pleasingly visual as entertainment at the same time.

  1. Extremely Shareable

Another reason that makes video content an appealing material is its high-shareability. From social media to websites, video content can easily be distributed across digital channels. The entertainment and much informative value make this highly-engaging content shareable. 

Now, there are tons of content out there on the internet. Luckily, with shareable videos, you can make your content stand out among the rest. It’ll seamlessly deliver your core message like wildfire across the internet while others flounder.

Today, at least 92 percent of mobile users share videos with their social networks. In this matter, creating video content gives you higher chances of spreading your brand to the audience quickly. Therefore, videos can help marketers extend their reach and make it easier for their audience to find them. That’s how they keep the business running.

  1. Improve the Site’s SEO

One of the many benefits of videos that many marketers often overlook is  SEO. Video content can help marketers rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). It’ll help them to dramatically improve their SEO strategy and drive more traffic to their sites. The stats say that including compelling video content on the website drives a whopping 157 percent increase in organic traffic from SERPs.

The higher a website rank in SERPs, the higher online visibility. It means more audiences will click through a website and see its content. It’s crucial in times like this, considering more and more content is uploaded to the internet more than before. 

Google algorithm also values unique content to sit on their top pages, and multimedia content like videos are such. Creating content that includes videos helps marketers differentiate their material from others.

Affordable Ways to Create a Compelling Video: Tools and Quick Tips

While marketers have to refine and revamp their marketing strategy in the best way possible, they also have to reassess budgets in light of the uncertain economic situation. Luckily, marketers don’t have to spend a thousand bucks to produce high-performing video content.

Thanks to the rapid growth of technology and the internet. Now, everyone can craft their video content much easier and cheaper than it used to be. With only smartphones, marketers in all budget ranges and skill levels will be able to shoot in high- quality, 4K videos.

Here are some popular free tools that are easy to use where any marketer can create well-crafted videos without breaking the bank:

  • iMovie. This software is specifically designed for iOS devices.  It allows users to do basic to advanced editing in a clear interface. Even users who have zero experience in video editing will find its UI and features quickly.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip. It’s one of the popular mobile video editing apps that offer quick basic video editing. So, as soon as users shoot their videos, they can straight away edit it. This tool can combine video clips and even photos into a professional video.
  • FilmoraGo. It’s another feature-packed mobile editing app that allows users to create high-quality videos. What makes it more appealing is that this software offers advanced features for creating high-resolution or 4K videos.

And below are some useful tips for marketers when recording their video in their smartphones or other mobile devices:

  • Use a  tripod. Keeping the phone steady while recording a video is necessary. Even the slightest movement from the hands can lower the video quality. Therefore, a tripod can prevent marketers from the shaky footage that is often caused by trembling hands.
  • Use a stabilizer feature. To improve video quality, marketers can use a stabilizer feature that most video editing software offers. The function will stabilize the footage even more.
  • Don’t use digital zoom. It’s crucial not to use the zoom feature on smartphones to get a closer shot of the objects. It’ll make the video pixelated and lower the quality of the video. They can try to walk closer to the objects to record it instead.
  • Mind the lighting. Using the flashlight on your phone can result in decrepit, low-quality videos. It’s essential to try as much as possible to record in bright areas with proper light.
  • Set the best quality setting. Now that many smartphones can record even 4K videos, it’s critical to use the best quality to give the audience a better viewing experience.

Wrapping Up: Create Videos Now and Make Audiences Feel Safe

In challenging times and a fast-changing global landscape, many businesses have been reeling from the impact of everyone needing to stay indoors. However, engaging with target audiences and maintaining a strong relationship remains crucial– moreover, the audience is equally as impacted as businesses are.

While some marketers bury their heads in the sand and continue with their usual marketing strategy, marketers who know where to look will choose to keep in touch with their audience and increase pipeline generation in a fast-changing situation.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Email: andre@breadnbeyond.com 

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