Why is it Important to Have Responsive Design?

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With the increasing use of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, the use of desktop has not remained the primary method for accessing internet. And with that the significance of mobile-friendly website becomes supremely important.

Each website owner needs a responsive online store that performs exceptionally well on all devices. Responsive website design is the most powerful concepts in the modern web era and make things easier for you. To make things easier for you to understand, we have listed down top 5 reasons of why a responsive design matters the most today.

Let’s take a look!

  • Reduces Loading Speed

Page loading time is one of the most important factors if you want to rank in the search engines. Websites with faster loading pages (one second or less than that) are always rewarded by Google.

That is where a responsive web design comes to your aid, it helps in faster loading and Google finds your content more easily and efficiently. 

  • Reduces Bounce Rate

Search engines often take high bounce rates as negative sign. There are several reasons that play a part in high bounce rate, with non-responsive design being the major one. So how to reduce the bounce rate?

Responsive web design is the solution. These have lower bounce rates as they provide the users with all the website content in a package that can be easily viewed and managed. This thus, helps in keeping your users on your website which ultimately reduces the bounce rate.

  • Affordable

Some businesses are still opting to design two separate websites – one for mobile devices and one for desktop.

This means they are paying twice when it comes to development, design, SEO, testing and maintenance which ultimately depletes their ROI. With responsive web design, however you pay for each one of them except the maintenance only once. Hence it becomes affordable.

  • Website Becomes More Searchable

A website with two active platforms requires separate HTMLs and URLs. This makes it difficult to crawl and ultimately makes it difficult to find in searches.

Moreover as the content is not formatted for different devices, when you share something on one device, it will not be readable on the other.

Since you’ll be making only one URL for responsive platform, Google & numerous other search engines will have easier time in looking up your website. Thus it will rank higher in Google searches on both mobile devices and desktop at the same time.

  • Higher Conversion Rate

Different web platforms for same business can lead to confusion and inconsistencies, and results in bad user experience too.

Responsive web design works just opposite. If your site works appropriately on each device, it leads to better functionality and more beneficial website with faster loading time.

Having said that responsive design does not make everything smooth but also becomes more profitable for your business.

If your website still isn’t employing the responsive design, get in touch with us today for responsive ecommerce web design. We have an experienced team of professionally trained member to make it happen for you very smoothly.

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