Why is Germany the best place for international students?

Why is Germany the best place for international students?
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Germany is renowned throughout the world for its engineering excellence, highly developed automobile industry and cultural richness. However, the academic excellence of the country is slowly but surely coming to the limelight. The multiple academic opportunities and other associated conveniences in the country also make it a favoured academic destination among foreign students.

Germany has a lot of reputed public and private universities that offer scores of diplomas and degrees across a wide range of disciplines. The country’s strategic location in the European continent and its membership in the EU also makes it easier to visit neighbouring countries like France and Spain.

Germany can be an ideal destination for higher studies for those who aspire for a foreign education or want to experience the international life. Read ahead to explore different advantages of being an international student in Germany.

Foreign students can have experience a great social life

The course brochures from German universities might not mention this, but you can expect a great social life when you study in Germany as an international student. The country is famous for carnivals, festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Most German cities are filled with opera houses, theatres, cinemas, museums, pubs and local clubs which can promise you fun-filled evenings.

Even if you aren’t a social butterfly and would rather spend your time in the nature, you can explore many beautiful forests, lakes and hiking trails near your university. You can also check out scenic locations in nearby provinces on a weekend.

International students can choose from a number of large German cities

In spite of its small size, Germany has many large cosmopolitan cities which have a large number of academic institutions offering high-quality education. Hence, you can get to choose from different German cities like Berlin, Cologne and Munich which have their own sets of features and attractions.

Studying in the bigger German cities can allow you to experience these melting pots of cultures and ethnicities from up close. On the other hand, studying in the smaller cities can let you experience authentic German culture.

Germany is known for its academic excellence

Germany is a well-known hub of different reputed universities, research institutions and technical schools. Home to more than 40 Nobel Laureates, Germany’s dedication to academic excellence is well demonstrated by the wide range of courses and programmes available for international students. The education system in Germany is very progressive and focuses equally on practical expertise alongside theoretical knowledge.

Foreign education in the country is surprisingly affordable

Most international students favour Germany as their destination owing to the affordability of higher studies in the country. Most postgraduate degrees in Germany are tuition-free and those who charge fees have nominal rates and provide many scholarship programmes for foreign students.

If you are hesitant about the language barrier in Germany, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Most public and private universities in Germany offer courses with English as the medium of instruction and many urban Germans are well-versed in conversational English. Hence, you should consider enrolling right away for a course from a German university to first-hand experience the beauty and culture of Germany.

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