Whom Should I Wish First: The God or the Teacher

Whom Should I Wish First_ The God or the Teacher
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“To whom should I wish first: The God or the teacher. Answer came; Teacher. Because he’s the one who told me about the God’s existence. “

This is what was taught in earlier system of education. Education is more than learning. It’s a relationship between teacher and student, mentor and disciple. It is like sewing a cloth, where a needle is the teacher and the student is a thread. As the needle moves ahead of the needle sewing the cloth likewise, teacher also leads the students in fostering a bright future for them.

In 21st century, as the advancement in education system is running ahead of the exact future to be earned, the sewing of the cloth is taken in wrong direction. The YouTube or any other online apps are used as a medium to spread the education [not learning]. If talking about the Asian countries like India where education was a precious pearl, now has become a business. There’s no human connection. But still the online learning is leading a graph to high position. In the online learning, there’s no human connection.

Lack of moral education leads the students to wrong direction. The teachers are running behind the completion of syllabus. The improper relationship lacks the respect for each other. About 19% of students would be in class who would stand for the teacher to wish him [if the teacher isn’t strict]. The system has faded and so as the education.

There is term which is also popular in schools and colleges: attendance hunger. The seats of class is mostly filled because of certain attendance criteria. Students are physically present but mentally absent.

Once a professor shared his experience in a college that his daughter studying in 5th standard came to him. She said “You know, that after heating a crack china plate in oven at 44°F, the crack will be sealed”. He knew she must have saw a video online. But the lack of knowledge about the temperature made her spill 44°F instead of 44°C.

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