Which is the best rice for daily use in Maharashtra?

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Which is the best rice for daily use in Maharashtra?

Rice is one of the staple food grains you will find in Maharashtra. The versatility and usage of rice vary across the state. Most Maharashtrian food staples have some form of rice and/or roti made from wheat, jowar or other grain. Rice varieties like Indrayani rice, Ambemohar, Surti Kolam, Wada Kolam, etc., are most used in Maharashtra. 


Rice is used in various dishes like kheer, masale bhaat, khichdi, varan bhaat and so on. Varan bhaat, or the simple dal – rice, is synonymous with comfort food in Maharashtra. 

Popular varieties of rice in Maharashtra

Ambemohar is short-grained rice, the versatile and most economically feasible rice produced in Maharashtra. It is used in making khichdi, pulao and absolutely anything you want because of the distinct fragrance it carries.


Following the Ambemohar is the Indrayani. Indrayani is medium-sized rice, which is sticky. It gives you a soft-mushy taste and feels when cooked. It is a more sustainable variety indigenous to the state as it is a cross between everyone’s favourite Ambe Mohar and a long-yielding variety. Because of these qualities, it can quickly provide tough competition to the Thai sticky rice! 


Poha – the supreme breakfast delight


Poha, or flattened rice, is one everyday breakfast staple in every Maharashtrian household. It is usually made using white rice, but lately, you can also find poha made with red rice, which is healthier than the usual white rice poha. 

Those who want to avoid rice but want a healthy and filling breakfast can opt for red poha. Red rice poha has a lot of health benefits, so people are now switching from the white rice poha to the red rice poha. 


  • Red rice has a low glycemic index, making it highly beneficial for those with diabetes or who want to lose weight.
  • It is so rich in fibre that consuming a cup of red rice is sure to fill you won’t feel the need to munch on unhealthy evening alternatives.
  • Good fibre content means a strong digestive system, which is also due to the development of probiotic bacteria in your digestive system.
  • Considered a whole grain, a cup of red rice was shown to cut the risk of developing diabetes up to 60%
  • Poha made with red rice is also a probiotic food. It is suitable for your gut health and helps the smooth function of the digestive system.

It can be concluded that red rice is one of the healthiest rice you can get in India. If you are struggling with diabetes or is looking to lose weight, red rice can be the best alternative you can get for the usual white rice. 


Opting for Indrayani Rice for daily use

Once your breakfast woes are sorted, you can think of adding Indrayani rice to your daily meal. A native variety of rice is named after the Indrayani river, besides which the paddy fields lie. A favourite of all, rice can be consumed daily by all age groups. These are its benefits –

  • Indrayani rice regulates and lowers blood pressure. 
  • It is excellent for digestion and a good source of natural oils.
  • The rice is also anti-oxidant, fibre and iron-rich. 
  • It also helps in reducing cholesterol while being low on sodium. 

All the health benefits of red rice poha and Indrayani rice inspired meted to try it for me. That is when I came across Aazol. It is a homegrown brand of Maharashtra and sources its wide array of products from various SHGs across Maharashtra. Their Indrayani rice and red rice poha are of excellent quality, and you can easily use them. 


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