Where to Hire Remote Web Developers in 2021

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Can you guess what’s common between Dell, Zapier, and GitHub?

Obviously, they are million-dollar tech companies. That’s true, but there’s another similarity. They all hire remote engineers! Yep, almost all top companies use a remote workforce to run their operations. In fact, by 2028, 73% of companies will have remote workers.

Therefore, if you wish to create a visually appealing and technically rich website in 2021, you better hire remote web developers. But, why? Well, let’s scroll down and understand why, how, and where to find the best remote web developers.

Why Hire Remote Web Developers?

Let’s first tackle the most asked questions — why to the remote to develop a website?

24*7 Development Support

Hiring a remote development team from different time zone can offer you around-the-clock services. For example, if you are a US-based company and have hired remote engineers based in India, you have 12 hours time difference to leverage. That means when you are sleeping; your web developer is working on your project.

Elevated Engagement

A Stanford University study stated that remote workers are 13.5% more productive, 9% more engaged, and 50% less likely to quit compared to office employees. In a remote environment, developers have more flexibility and freedom to deliver flawless work.

Fast Project Deployment

Remote developers are experienced and knowledgeable. They can complete your project quicker than your in-office team as they are more engaged. And shorten development period can save you time and resources. According to a GWA study, a business can save up to $5,500 annually per remote worker.

Extended Technical Capabilities

Usually, remote developers are independent professionals who have worked with various big and small teams. Remotely, you even have the option to hire ex-Google, Amazon, or Microsoft developers. These highly experienced developers can guide you better to develop your website to meet international standards.

How to Hire Remote Engineers for your Web Project?

Roughly, there are about 2 billion websites present in 2021. Now, if you want your website to compete with this staggering number, you have to hire a dedicated web developer following:

Clearly State your Requirements

Before hiring a web developer, ask yourself — what you want to accomplish? If you don’t have a clear list of your requirements, you should make one. Your development requirements should throw light on—

• Design of website
• Development period
• Development platform, etc.

Type of Web Developer

Once you know what you want, next you need to define what type of web developer you need:

• Web Designer or Developer: Not many people know that web developers and designers are two different professionals. Designers come up with a look of your website and create elements like images, buttons, icons, etc. In contrast, developers write code, edit files, and use vivid development tools to create your website from scratch.

• Front-end or Back-end Developers: Web developers have subgroups — front-end and back-end development. The front-end is the website part that is visible to visitors, and the back-end is everything behind the scene. So, front-end developers implement your website’s design and back-end work on the technical functionalities.

• Full-stack Developers: These developers are highly popular in remote environments. They are generalists who can design and code your website altogether. They have full tech stack knowledge to build your website from the ground.

Development Platform

After deciding what type of remote web developer you want to hire, you need to select a development platform. Today, you have multiple web development platforms available to create your website. Based on your development platform selection, you have to further narrow down your search.

For instance, if you want to develop a content-based website, you should hire remote WordPress or HTML5 web developers. On the contrary, if you are building an eCommerce store, look for WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopify web developers.

Define your Budget

It doesn’t matter whether you have sufficient funds or not; defining your web development budget is very important. The budget will help you hire the best remote web developers without breaking your bank. Usually, remote developers charge based on their technical proficiency and experience level. To give you a rough idea, here is a basic overview of web development cost:

• Developers charges — Front-end developers ($15-$150+/hour), Back-end developers ($35-$150+/hour), Web Designers ($25-$120+/hour) and Full-stack developers ($75-$150+/hour)
• Development platform based charges — WordPress: $3,000 – $15,000, Joomla: $1,500 – $7,000

Extra Skills

To hire competent remote engineers, you should look for some extra skills in the developers too, such as:

• Communication Skills: Foremost, you should check whether developers can speak the English language or not. If they can’t, verbal and written communication will become very hard between your in-house and remote teams. Secondly, confirm which communication modes they use like email, phone, or virtual communication tools. Also, make sure that they talk professionally.

• Response Time: Remote developers might not work in your office, but they are part of your team. Thus, they should respond on time when something about the project comes up. You shouldn’t have to wait for days to hear back from your remote development partners.

• Creative Skills: Writing and editing codes are vital parts of a web developer’s job. For writing flawless codes, developers must possess creative skills to understand the problem and then come with a unique solution.

• Team player: Mostly, remote engineers work independently, but often they have to coordinate with your in-house team too. Thus, they should also have the capabilities to work in a team.

• Good Listener: Your remote web developers have vast experience, so you should leverage from it. But it doesn’t mean your developer shouldn’t try to understand your perspective. A good developer is always a good listener.

Where to Hire Professional Remote Engineers?

At CloudLabs247. Yes, you simply have to share information about your project, tech stack, and budget, expert recruiters, will match you with suitable candidates. From the shortlisted developers, you can hire suitable remote web developers on a two-week free trial basis. Once you are fully satisfied with developers’ work, only then will you start paying them.

Moreover, you can hire various remote engineers such as PHP, Python, and many more on this platform. To know more about remote hiring models, visit the Cloudlabs247 website now.

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