Where Do I Get Brazilian Hair Extensions?

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Brazilian hair extensions have been the pride of many celebrities. Because it has a feel and look that’s unique and different from all other hair extensions, Brazilian human hair extensions and Wigs became a worldwide beauty accessory, which women of all means struggle to wear. As the use of this hair extension gained global appeal, it’s not uncommon to find synthetic hair posing as the lustrous Brazilian locks. And that’s why you need to know where exactly you can get the original Brazilian hair extensions, not some rip-off.  

But first, let’s talk about origin as it relates to Brazilian hair extensions. 

Brazilian Human Hair Origin

Brazil, a South American country, has natives from a diverse group of races. There are people of African, Indian, and European origin. With this diversity comes a richness in the quality of hair from this region. 

As there are three distinct origins from which Brazilian natives originate from, there are, consequently, three grades of Brazilian hair extensions. 

Grade A (the highest)

Grade A Brazilian human hair is hair donated by Brazilians of European or English origin. This hair is known for being soft, finely textured, and straight. This kind of hair extensions is usually good for wigs and lace frontal. 

Grade B

This grade of Brazilian hair extensions is gotten from the Indian-origin Brazilians. And this type of hair extensions is wavy and thicker. It’s also more resistant to the sun, with a color ranging from light copper to dark brown. 

Grade C 

The last grade of Brazilian hair extensions come from Brazilians with Afro-Caribbean history. This kind of Brazilian human hair is curly and thick, colored from light brown to black. 

Distinctive Features of Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian human hair has been popularly used around the world, both by celebrities and middle-class ladies, because of its uniqueness and versatility. It’s easier to find the style of hair you want, and the color as there is naturally a wide range of available products to choose from. 

You can easily distinguish between Brazilian hair and a non-Brazilian. Here are the features to help you. 


If you’re looking to give your hair quick volume and a good bounce, you certainly want to make use of Brazilian human hair. As the hair extension is thick and coarse, it’s a very good way to achieve your desired hair volume instantly. And you don’t even need to buy so many bundles, since you are likely to achieve a desired density with a few wefts. 


Brazilian hair extensions are versatile in that within the Brazilian human hair, you are able to find a good range of colors and the major kinds of hair styles: wavy, curly, and straight.

So Where Do You Get Brazilian Hair Extensions?

Marketplaces could now be online or offline shops. So these are the two major places to get Brazilian hair. 


You can get Brazilian human hair online at professional human hair extensions shops. You need to do thorough research, though, to ascertain the reputation of the seller before you make any purchases. This is particularly important as there are so many synthetic hair extensions out there posing as bouncy Brazilian hair. 

Offline Shops

You may also check high-grade hair extensions shops around you where quality human hair extensions are sold. If possible, go with your hairstylist to help you choose what would fit you perfectly. 

Getting the glamorous look of Hollywood Stars is now up to you. You too can wear the celebrity hairstyle with Brazilian hair extensions. Try a wavy now, then a curly, then the straight one and see which Hair Texture the one that captures your real personality. 

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