What is wrong with our Education System?

What is wrong with our Education System?
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This question looks simple but it is quite difficult to answer at the same time, this question is like ocean, and the answer is like pearl, not so easily found, one has to dive deep into the ocean for that. So let’s touch the surface at least.

Our education system is considered to be one of the best worldwide, though there are some major faults still existing. Being a student, I often feel that we lack practicality which is going to be a key factor in respective profession. I often find toppers with low practical skills and ones that are considered as failure to be best in the same. So where it all went wrong, is it the examinations which prefer pen, paper and rooms rather than open-world challenges. Or is it the teaching methods which are still confined to textbooks and refuses to break the traditional ways. It is not the fact that our education system is unfit, but it needs to be amended a bit and we can see students doing wonders. Adding more realistic and practical skill tests can be a good starting step. Moreover, in fields like Information Sciences and Biotechnology, syllabus should be regularly updated with latest technology. I have seen students studying 12-years old course in the field of IT. they’re studying the technology which is now obsolete and going to help them going nowhere. I appreciate the act of CBSE regarding this case, they’ve recently introduced python as a topic in Information Practices which is most prominent language for current world. But not everywhere in India, students are that lucky, often they are forced to study senseless and impractical topics just for the sake of gaining marks. We’re creating trained parrots rather than corporate warriors. Which must surely be a matter of concern regarding the future of India. Some steps can change this image forever and make it much better than what it is right now.

Let’s have a look at few steps which may help: –

  • More practicality, less textbooks.
  • Open-world test rather than exams on paper.
  • Marks should be based on year-wide performance instead of what is written on a paper.
  • Regularly updating syllabus, removing obsolete knowledge.
  • Skill should be tested rather than testing who remembers most.

Students are not a machine to feed data and keep reusing them for a specific purpose, they’re the key to endless possibilities. They can create things which are beyond human imagination if provided proper platform and support. But first they’re needed to be freed from this endless cycles of examinations. Marks are the major reason of stress, anxiety, depression and even suicides among students. We know that not everyone are created from same cast, then why testing them on the bases of same skill set.

If you judge a fish by its ability of climbing a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

Albert Einstein
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