What is web development?

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Building a website for your business is now an important norm because of the wide-spread use of the Internet.  Many businesses had been using their websites to be able to reach their customers. That is why many of these companies hire a web development Singapore expert to build their eCommerce websites. In every Ecommerce Website, Design Singapore company must be built through an excellent web development

A good web development Singapore professional can get the website job done. However, before beginning your search for the best web developer Singapore team, there is something that you need to understand first. You need to know what web development is. This is so you will have a better understanding of it once you begin working with a web developer Singapore team.

What is web development?

Web development consists of all the actions needed to build a website. It also comprises the updates that are necessary to maintain the website. Furthermore, it also has operations that are used to manage the website and ensure its top-quality performance. It is also related to application and software tools creations that can be run in web browsers. A good web development Singapore specialist knows how to build, maintain, and manage websites. Thus, make sure that web development Singapore professionals can do all of these with your website.

Three basic web development Singapore technology

Web development uses many technologies in order to create the best performing website. That is why many web development Singapore experts keep on learning more about all the recent updates in website development. In this section of the article, we will cover the three basic web development technologies that are primarily used by many web developer Singapore specialists. 

1 – Hypertext Markup Language or HTML

HTML is a series of coded tags that are used to build websites and web applications. Many web developers in Singapore refers to HTML as the heart of website development. It is also the foundational building blocks in creating even the most complicated web applications. It can create a web page’s content. It can also construct the format and component layout of a website. However, HTML can only do the very basics. That is why it is usually accompanied by other web development technologies.

2 – Cascading Style Sheets or CSS

Building a well-designed website through HTML can be a lot of work. That is because a small change like switching colors requires altering many HTML tags. However, if accompanied by CSS, this simple change can be done easily. A small set of CSS files can already design a whole web application without the need to edit each HTML tag. Web developer Singapore experts usually use HTML to insert the content on the web page. While they use CSS to style the web page content. 

3 – JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most complicated technologies in web development. With this technology, a web developer Singapore professional can manipulate the website pages. Once mastered, it will be easy for them to alter the style structure of each web page. JavaScript is also a powerful tool when it comes to fixing critical issues on a website.

Web development vs. web design

Web development and web design are both used by many people interchangeably. However, there is a difference between web development and web design. A web developer has a different role from a web designer. They also have different skillsets and specialization. In this section, we will cover why web design is not the same as web development.

What is a web designer?

Web design is basically the design of the website. A web designer’s job is to bring a company’s story or goal, gather ideas and formulate a concept that can be manifested in the design of the website. They are responsible for creating a layout that is both welcoming and clear to the website audience. They are usually given verbal or written ideas from the client. Then they transform these ideas into a usable website. 

Web designers use design software tools such as Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator. They are also good in creating company logos and other impressive graphics that can be included on the website. They also know the most recent updates and trends in web designing. Furthermore, they are also good at incorporating the company’s brand on the web page appropriately. 

What is a web developer?

Once a web designer completed its job on the website, they can now pass it on to the web developer. The web developer uses the design plan in order to build the website and make it available online. Web developer Singapore specialists have three fields of web development Singapore specializations. These are front-end, back-end, and full-stack development.

Front-end development is a specialization that deals with the user interface of the website. While the back-end requires the most advanced programming skills. That is because they control most of the features and web page interactions. Lastly, full-stack development is a combination of both front-end and back-end developments. Full-stack development professionals are experts in many programming languages and tools. That is so they can build a complete and functional website from the beginning to the end.

Need a web developer and web designer?

Thus, when looking for a specialist who will create your eCommerce website, you need to understand whether they are a web developer or a web designer. There are web development Singapore companies that have a team of both web developers and web designers. If you are looking for these types of web developer Singapore agencies, try Adolet. We offer both web designing services and web development services. Head to our website to learn more about our offerings. 

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