What Are The Alternatives To Using A Relaxer?

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What Are the Alternatives to Using a Relaxer?

Hair relaxers are seen as a “go-to” for soft, straight, and sleek hair.
Although there have been many transitions to natural hair, some people tend to find their way back applying a relaxer on their natural hair because they could not deal with how thick their natural hair got over time.

Some people, however, might want to temporarily get away from dealing with their natural hair for some time and may not necessarily want to turn to a relaxer and use Curly Wigs or Hair Extension.

I do agree that sometimes natural hair gets very difficult to handle, and this tends to stress people out especially having to deal with several hair routines to keep it manageable and soft.

This is why we have brought a few alternatives to help decrease the stress of having to deal with thick coarse natural hair.

Straighten Nour Natural Hair

This is one of the most common methods used to tame the hair without having to apply any type of relaxer on natural hair. Before you consider straightening your natural hair be sure to apply a heat protectant that will protect your hair from any sort of heat damage, just remember not to be careless about how high the temperature gets.

Use the texturizer method

Now, what is the take on a relaxer vs a texturizer? A relaxer is a white creamy solution that is set out to make your hair fully straight without leaving any curls behind.

People use relaxers because they make the hair very feasible to work with and this saves time and unwanted stress on their side.

As much as there are pros to this product some people tend to worry about the cons which are, they might end up damaging your hair and cause hair loss or bald spots if not used with caution.

A relaxer might also thin out your hair strands when the quantity used is exaggerated.

A texturizer, on the other hand, is more lenient on your curls as compared to a relaxer. It loosens your curl pattern in order to make your hair manageable it texturizes the hair according to the curl pattern of the individual.
For example, if you have kinky hair it gives you a looser curl pattern, if you have a loose curl pattern it gives you a wavier texture generally the more you use it the more it loosens your Hair Texture in the long run.

The #relaxer vs texturizer debate has people arguing that they may either have the same characteristics or they may differ. If you would ask me, I think a texturizer is safer if you still want to have some curls in your hair.

The truth of the matter is that both products have chemical additives to them so they both have side effects however a texturizer is a better alternative to a relaxer because some people may not want to have their strands completely straightened.

Use Protective Styling

Protective styles are one of the easiest ways to get out of the hassle that comes with dealing with natural hair. It gives you a vacation away from natural hair depending on how neat you keep it.

The fun and exciting characteristic of this alternative is that it comes with different options be it box braids, cornrows, weaves, wigs, twists, and so on, and they do not just leave you with different options they leave you looking beautiful and like a new person with each hairstyle.

So just in case you are hesitant about getting other alternatives, this is one of the safest methods you can use to get away from your stubborn hair sometimes.

Go Wild! Get a Big Chop Again
Some people love to take bold steps and cut their natural hair in order to feel free from dealing with constant hair struggles.

If you fall under this category just know that it is one of the best options for your hair as opposed to applying a relaxer on natural hair. This does not only give you a fresh start but also replenishes any damages which may have affected your natural hair.

The “African Hair Threading” Method

This technique is very unique and out of the norm although it is getting quite popular amongst some natural hair enthusiasts.
Trust me, you would not have to worry about the relaxer vs texturizer debate when dealing with this method.

With this method, a thread is used to firmly grip the hair in a consistent pattern till it covers the full length of the hair.

It is a great heatless method used to straighten the hair without using a relaxer on natural hair and leaves it very soft and manageable once it gets unthreaded.

If you want to try something new and different you should definitely try out this relaxer and heat-free method.

People get tired of dealing with their natural hair sometimes and try to seek an escape from dealing with the constant combing and detangling process.
Although that could serve as a great arm workout, it does get tiring and stressful too sometimes.

So next time you don’t feel like dealing with your natural hair, just take a quick vacation with either one of these great alternatives and you will most likely not regret it. Also, if you are planning on buying new hair extensions or wigs then check out the Black Friday Sale on Indique Hair. I heard that it is going to be HUGE this year!

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