Web development trends going to rule 2018

Web development trends going to rule 2018
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Web development trends going to rule 2018

The year gone by marked an emerge of many trends which added more personalization to the user experience. Nowadays, a website is not only virtual representation of a company, but it’s a tool to build brands, attract traffic and clientele and generate the business also. According to the experts, trends such as impact of machine learning, artificial intelligence, chatbots, increased use of smart phones apps will be the shinning starts in the year of 2018.This article focuses on the trends in web development in 2018.So read the article carefully and stay ahead by using them in your website development business.

1.Chatbots ,AI and machine learning

Year 2017 marked the popularization of chatbots on various websites. Empowered by Artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots became more interactive and user friendly. Many social media platforms, business websites, E-commerce websites have already invested in chatbots. This will boost the trend of chatbots among web developers in year 2018, too. Chatbot technology has made it possible to stay connected with the users 24*7.A challenge being available for 24*7 which can be overcome with the help of chatbots only!

2.Smartphone first!

In the year 2017, Google has officially confirmed that no. of mobile phone users has surpassed the desktop users. This will motivate web developers to focus on making mobile interface more efficient and user friendly. As the traffic from smart phone is dominating the stats, web developers will keep mobile apps developing as a priority.

3. Better User-Experience with Web Applications

Here, point to be noted that, after mobile apps showed their caliber, advanced web application will also be the trend in near future. Faster loading, push notifications, offline working are some of the key features of web applications.

4.Brutalist websites

The correct explanation of a brutal website is given on brutalistwebsites it says: “In its ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy, Brutalism can be seen as a reaction by a younger generation to the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of today’s web design.”Imparting unpolished and rough look to the website is considered as a cool trend among the developers. This trend will take on a momentum in 2018.

5. Jawascript

JavaScript was the most trending programming language in 2017 (acc to stack overflow report) and will continue to be the one in 2018 also. The war between Angular and React is hot. Both frameworks have its pros and cons. There are many Angular fans but React’s fans are not any less.

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