Virtual Fashion Parade

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“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway”

Well girl if you got it, flaunt it.

  1. Right now, when everyone is holed up in their house in this pandemic it will be super supportive of you to take out sometime and help the virtual fashion parade spread positivity through our initiative. 
  2. #CatwalkAgainstCorona – VirtualFashionParade has taken this initiative called Catwalk against Corona to support the young and emerging talent through the stage provided by them and exposure ! 
  3. Let’s make this virtual fashion event the biggest and the grandest hit ever !


Visit our portal  and get yourself registered. Make the payment and get eligible to upload your video. Then make a video of yourself of at least 20 secs and say our tagline, “LetsCatwalkAgainstCorona”. You can dress as per your own wish and create any fusion of yours as well if you wish so.Though do not forget to follow the time limit and size limit of the video.


Now it is time to spread the word for this virtual fashion event. Start sharing the video and get the maximum likes from your side. If you manage to be amongst the top 10 contestants from your age group, you will proceed to the next round of this virtual fashion competition.


Age Criterias (Groups) 

  1. 3-8 years
  2. 9-19 years
  3. 20-30 years
  4. 31-50 years
  5. 50-above years


Semifinal round

Well if you make it till here, congratulations are already on the way. Though, the competition starts now. At this stage, you will be asked to make one more video of yours. Time and size limits will be changed. After uploading our technical team will do the wonders with the video, mixing it with graphics and sound. Then you will be asked to meet our judges through a video call. Jury members will take your interview now. Our jury members will be selecting 5 candidates from each age group.


Megafinal round 

Made it till here ? Well serious congratulations are on the way I guess !

5 contestants from each age group are chosen by our judges. Make sure you reach the venue at least a couple of days before the finals. Make sure you attend the grooming classes given by our experts. It is given to make you stage ready, to enhance your personality and confidence. Then we have a team of professional photographers who will be indulged in making your professional portfolio. After all the preparations, it’s finally showtime in this virtual fashion parade’s Catwalk against corona. 

You will be performing and catwalk on the stage in front of our elite panel of jury members consisting of Mr. Prince Narula.

Get a chance of winning this competition and get a kickstart for your career in modelling and as a brand ambassador for any corporate.


Right now, when the world reeks of paranoia and toxicity it is an amazing initiative taken by the virtual fashion parade called The Catwalk against corona to provide exposure to the emerging talents. For us age is just a number therefore we have opened the competition for everyone from 3 to ‘whatever is your age’. Register at the link provided to you by us, make a video of yours, share it, get as many likes as possible to get ahead, upload the video. Now the top 10 from each age group will be selected for the next round. In the semifinals you will be asked to upload one more video of yours and then for the interview you will have to be presented via video call ! Then starts the interview round. Our elite panel of judges will probably start asking questions. 5 people from each will be eliminated then and the rest of the 5 will move ahead to the final round. Now the people who will be selected for the final round will be required to reach the venue at least a couple of days back. Then starts your grooming and training sessions. We have hired experts from the industry to help you eradicate any stage fear you might have and get you stage ready. It will groom and enhance your personality and will also get you ready for the interview part. Then our photographers will help you in making a professional portfolio that will actually be quite helpful in your modelling career. Finally comes the opportunity of life. Chance to catwalk in front of our elitist of the elite panel including Prince narula as well. Win the final as a winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up and get the prize, certificate, trophy, crown, sachets and many gift hampers ! Finally get a chance to boost your career as a model or a brand ambassador.

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