Vegetable Garden Design Ideas and Tips

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The popularity of having your family vegetable garden has largely increased during the last years, as more homeowners understand the advantages of planting their own herbs and vegetables: whether it’s to save money, grow organic food or engage in a rewarding pastime.

A lovely vegetable garden can be grown in your front yard, backyard, little-used side yard, or even on a balcony, as long as there is a lot of sun exposure. 

With a little bit of effort, you could maximize the productivity of your garden and enjoy the fruits of labor. You may opt for raised beds so you could better control soil’s quality. Or you may prefer to start with a pretty kitchen garden that is the focal point to grow edibles. If you are short of space, you may also consider raising vegetables in containers.

Vegetable Garden Design Tips

lights on garden Night lighting can make your food garden accessible and safe after dark. The quadrant vegetable garden design is age-old but never goes out of style. Putting some night lighting there is not only ornamental, as it makes possible picking greens and herbs after dark without using a flashlight.

Incorporate a wide flat cap and raise planters set at seat wall height. This will double as overflow seating and facilitates gardening for physically challenged people who need to rest while picking and weeding.

 These are made from industrial pipe and ignore the long time problems with raised beds built of wood which inevitably rot out. The weight of the soil in raised beds becomes heavier when saturated, which causes wood planters to weaken by rot during the rainy season. Steel planters will help avoid future replacement. Steel absorbs much heat during the day and thus prevents the soil from cooling down at night. French Potager ideas

The traditional French “potager” is just a simple pattern of beds,  traditional throughout Europe. The potager evolved from parterres lined with hedges and viewed from the upper stories of chateaux. Patterns are created within the beds by arranging vegetable plants in different colors to create geometric fields. A simple modern potager is usually made ornamental by the way various plants are set out into their individual planting areas. This precise design is great for the cabbage family, colored lettuce varieties, and other low plants making a solid mass.

Blend flowers in your vegetable garden to soften its look late in the season. Food gardens look great in spring as all the plants are trim, but they won’t remain the same for long. Planting edible herbs and flowers into the vegetable plot will help you disguise the old lanky squash. The more diverse your flowers are, the less you’ll notice the veggies that are still producing, though not being at their peak. This integration is important anywhere the food garden is.

Large vegetable gardens deserve tidy and attractive fencing with wide gates. In-ground gardening is much more versatile than the detailed beds a rototiller can work the soil overall quite easily. This fencing is visually attractive and turns the rectangle into a nice enclosure with various sized gates. Remember to include a wide double gate with vehicular access in order to allow a truck to dump big quantities of compost. This will save the laborious process of bringing it in by wheelbarrow load.

Design interesting period details into your vegetable garden to garden Veg create historic charm. If your home is historic or just vintage, bring this character into your food garden design with picket fencing and crafted wood towers, doubling as treillage for climbing vegetables. This vertical element will make each of the raised beds look like a single miniature landscape. When all wood elements are being left to weather naturally, in time the entire character of your vegetable garden will look as old as the house.

The current trends for home vegetable garden design are still an area full of possibilities. Beautiful gardens for food products have been built for centuries. Philosophically, the vegetable growing spots should be about family and sharing freshness from the garden.

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