Variety of Things To Do In Goa

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Goa has a diverse range of activities to offer; once you arrive in this charming hamlet, you’ll experience a new level of happiness. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back vacation or to unwind in fishing villages like Agonda, or an all-night noisy gathering on the beach, Goa has it all.

Goa is known as India’s party capital for a reason. It would be a waste of time to visit Goa and not partake in the city’s renowned nightlife. For night owls, the brightly lit beaches and lively bazaars provide the ideal setting. Goa’s bustling markets are a shopper’s dream.

They sell almost anything, from boutique stuff to local treasures. Traders from all across Goa flock to the bustling Mother’s Love Market, a traditional local fair. All of this, plus a terrific cultural experience. Goa is known for having some of the best seafood and unusual beverages in India.

This breezy state also takes pride in its rich past, with origins in numerous empires—Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, and Portuguese—the essence of which can still be sensed in Goan culture.

Top Places To Visit in Goa 

As you properly noted, Goa defines adventure in new and exciting ways! Many of the state’s tourism attractions dazzle visitors with their spectacular beauty.

1 . Ashiyana Yoga Center 

Isn’t it tempting to imagine yourself doing yoga poses on a serene beach? This yoga centre hopes to be just like that. The tranquil Mandrem beach is home to the Ashiyana yoga centre, which offers yoga sessions and therapies. There’s also an Ayurvedic spa and opulent lodging options on site. Visitors to this retreat enjoy Ayurvedic cures and luxurious massages.

2. Se Cathedral 

The Se Cathedral is thought to be one of Asia’s oldest and largest churches. It has been in use since 1640, while construction on the building began over a century before. It is home to the colossal Golden Bell. The cathedral is an elegant white structure standing within the most well-kept stretch of green in Goa, and it is one of the most visited sights in the state.

3. Mahadev temple 

This ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, the mighty Hindu deity, may be discovered in the deep jungles of the Western Ghats highlands. The magnificent carved stone pillars and elaborate sculptures of mythological creatures and historical emblems of the Kadambas, a local dynasty that once ruled the area, may be found in the twelfth-century stone temple.

4. Sahakari Farm

What about a lush green farm in Goa with exotic fruits and vegetables? Welcome to the lovely Sahakari Spice Farm. The incredible variety of spices, fruits, spices, herbs, and medicinal plants on this beautiful stretch of over 130 acres will surprise you.
Sahakari farms grow some of India’s most famous spices, including turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom, as well as a variety of fruits like jackfruit and papaya. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a chance to try a few samples. An on-site restaurant serves wonderful dishes that make use of the spices grown on-site.

5. Anjuna Flea Market 

The Anjuna flea market has become identified with Goa’s furious pace. It’s hot, lively, and bursting at the seams with life. Since its inception nearly three decades ago, this weekly market has risen in popularity. Unique things such as handcrafted jewellery, pashmina finery, and terracotta objects, as well as electronics, are sold by vendors from all over the country.
It’s a shopper’s paradise and, without a doubt, the best flea market in Goa. The beach is surrounded with little kiosks over a large chunk of its length, making it one of the most scenic in the area.

6.  BigFoot Cross Museum 

Visitors from all over the world who are interested in art or history go to this strange museum. There are around 1,500 Christian crosses on exhibit from all over the world. It’s in Ancestral Goa, and it reveals a lot about the state’s culture. Another feature is a crafts fair held near the museum.

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