Travelling is Like Medicine

Travelling Is Like Medicine
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“To travel is to live.”

The quote clearly signifies that to travel is to explore a new way of living you have never been. Whether going to the plain lands, high mountains, beaches or somewhere else, you add an amazing chapter in the saga of your life which you are never gonna forget. Doing 9 to 5 jobs, coming home distressed and tired, just looking into your computer or mobile screens, you become habitual to a routine in which you don’t have the time to admire the creations of God at some distances from you. Travelling is really like a medicine which heals your many problems and ailments, you just need pack your bags and go on vacations:

Improves your thinking skills

There is a point in everyone’s life when you are fed up with the work and not able to focus and concentrate on it. Travelling has an impact on your mental intellect thus helping you to gather new thoughts about yourself which you have forgotten in the daily sphere of life. It properly fulfils the work of a tranquiliser medicine and makes you relax giving you a sense of relief from the daily responsibilities of life. You gain positive thoughts by the time you are going back home. It soothes your mind and you begin to cherish even the small things around you. It is a well known and proved fact that at new places, the thinking ability of humans’ mind boosts up and it works more efficiently.

Heals from physical ailments


Travelling heals you from your small annoying ailments which you have developed by just sticking to the boring routine. Diseases like fatigue, stress, anxiety get vanished. Especially the homemakers who are the unpaid employees suffer from stress and physical pain, the best way to get relieved is go on outings and make themselves free. Vacations are very good way to find a different ‘You’. You would feel that all your problems have been solved and feeling of pleasure comes in you.

Makes you exercise

In doing daily stuff, whether feeling lazy or you just don’t bother to go for jogging, doing certain physical exercises which require immense strength and dedication, whatever be the reason your body suffers making you inactive and physically dull. Travelling has a solution for this also. It enables us to do these things and we don’t even feel like we are really exercising and improving our strength. Just imagine the strength involved in trekking on the high mountains or just walking on the roads enjoying the serenity of nature. You would never say no doing such kind of  exercises.

Relief from your busy city life


You often suffer from the mental discomfort in city life. You become habitual of honking of vehicles, pollution from industries and vehicles, stuck in traffic jams etc. These all cause you many problems like a migraine due to the intolerable noises,  choking of lungs due to the inhalation of the excess of Carbon Monoxide, cardiac arrests and many more. Travelling to the mountains or beaches in peace, calm environment and inhaling fresh air filled with Oxygen would rejuvenate you. As per the US travel association research, annual vacations can low down the risk of heart attack by 50%, thus improving the cardiac conditions. And not forgetting the relief your eyes will have after a break from the glare of your PC’s and laptops which harms and makes them weak.

The main problem with everyone is how to take a break from work and fear of its piling up. There never is a correct time to do anything, just when it strikes in your mind to do it, just go on. When the area around your eyes becomes black and looks like interstellar holes or you are not able to do work properly or any difficulty in usual work then you should understand that it is the high time to take a vacation and travel somewhere. Medical studies have proven that person’s stress can drop by 89% while travelling.

You stitch a new thread into the fabric of life by exploring, experiencing and discovering the beauty and serenity of nature waiting for your presence.

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