Top Reasons Why DIY SEO is not a Good Idea

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Do-It-Yourself! Sounds great sometimes but not all the time. In some cases such as SEO, DIY can bend your path from aiming the big. Yes! You save money for a bit, but at a cost of Time, Accurate Planning, Sustainable Ranking Results, and much more. Such wise, hiring experts of SEO Services is better than losing these precious diamonds. Isn’t it?  Well, we are not telling you this, so you enlist our professionals. But we are much interested in sharing the full list of convenient reasons.  

Top Reasons: Why You Should not be Your Own SEO Pro?   

Rather than lack of values, understanding, and investment, there is so much a site can suffer if you are practicing site SEO yourself. Here we are sharing the highlighted five points that downsize your site. 

  • Basic is Not Enough- Yes we are convinced, you have a great knowledge of SEO. But in the SEO world where at times even one of the expert strategies fails apart, just knowing something can’t be enough. SEO specialists work for a long in that same field and implement new and latest hacks every day. Another side of non-tech with good knowledge, who would you choose for your work?

Let’s say you make it possible to rank a keyword, but would it be sustainable for long? Do you have enough time to regularly maintain the needful practices? If your answer is no? It will be better to hand it to well-named SEO services. 

  1. Losing Time and Money as Well – As we said before, first you will feel like it’s money-saving, but forget the probabilities of website drawbacks. It’s the same as keeping your website performance, growth, ranking, reputation all at stake. And all this just for the sake of money, which is no longer preserved.  

Other than that, in absence of paid SEO tools, it’s like you are serving half of the efforts by snatching the chances from the hand of SEO experts.     

  • Google Penalties- Almost every three months, Google updates its parameters. And in such a case, a website can face Google penalties. And the site ranking of your site can go down. 

Types of Google penalties a site can suffer:

  1. Partially Penalized  
  2. Totally Penalized 
  3. Lost of Positions  

Google Can Rank Your Sites by Measuring Many of The Parameters, Including:

  • Duplicate content and thin content 
  • Keyword stuffing 
  • Genuine backlinks
  • Website speed
  • Searches intent and queries 
  • Mobile and voice optimize content
  • Local SEO
  • Website security and many more

So ensure your site has everything that fits into Google updates and algorithms. If anyway you are performing SEO yourself, stay updated, but if not, enlist SEO Service without delay.

  • Changing SEO Strategies – Search engine optimization is not a thing to learn overnight; it is years of practice. SEO experts are updated masters that are working in the same field for years. Apart from this, they apply changes in strategies every time as per requirements.  

Also, you can understand the requirements of strategy changes with this quote that “since 2003, Google has updated almost 70 Algorithms till now”. And if your site is not optimized by them, it can face consequences.  

  • Web Designing Matters Enough – SEO’s know that almost 46% of website visitors judge a website just by seeing the design. And if your website is not designed in the guidance of an SEO professional, it does not look like one. Also, a poor website design can slow down a site, which can ultimately lead to web traffic loss due to a high bounce rate.     

Moreover, there can be many other negative outcomes such as getting blacklisted, poor search results, wrong keyword implementation, poor links, and content, etc.     

Your Site Deserves an SEO Expert!  

We are not denying the chances of initial SEO tactics (especially non-technical) can serve you a bit of success. But for long-term & sustainable business growth and SERPs ranking, you should not take any chances with site SEO. Once you step a single wrong move it can be seen in the shape of adverse ranking effects. 

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