Top Places To Visit At USA

Top Places To Visit At USA

Top Places To Visit At USA

Being composed of a total number of 50 states, the United States of America occupies a greater part in Europe and is the embodiment of free thoughts and modernity. Presenting a diverse culture, it’s studded with natural landscapes offering something splendid to the tourists and visitors. We can discuss about some of the most visited tourist spots in the USA.

  • New York

Better known as the New York City, it stands out to be the most popular city of the United States. Being an important place for international diplomacy, it never forgets to open it’s arms with the magic of beauty to the visitors. Some of the terrific features to be witnessed in this city are-

Statue Of Liberty

It was built on 1886, was a gift from France to Italy. It happens to be one of the largest statues in the entire world.

Central Park

A walk or a ride in carriage through the various pathways in Central Park is one of the famous tourist attractions in New York.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Being built on 1870, it is one of the famous Museum not only in USA but also in the whole world. One can find here exclusive collections of the American decorative arts, arms and armour, costumes, Egyptian art, musical instruments, photographs and what not.

Other notable places here include, Broadway and Theatre District, Empire State Building (381mt tall, 102 storied building) High Line etc.

  • San Francisco

Being an admirer if nature, it stretches it’s arms to all the people out their to visit and enjoy the charm of this city.

Golden Gate Bridge

The most famous tourist attraction in this west coast city is The Golden Gate Bridge, as it pours splendour with it’s orange arches. Being an ideal location for photography, the strait connects the Pacific Ocean with the San Francisco Bay.

Golden Gate Park

Covering a huge area, it provides the tourists with plenty of play grounds, charming spaces to conduct family picnic, sports courts and so on along with a marvellous Conservatory For Flowers.

Apart from all these attractions, the other must visit places in San Francisco include, Twin Peaks, Baker Beach, Ferry Building Market Place and so on.

  • The Grand Canyon

It has been an age old destination for tourists and most desired places to visit by the outsiders. Popping out over the cliff wall to a limitless horizon at an unmatchable depth below, it stands out to be the most exciting rib by most of the tourists.

  • Miami

Being situated in Florida, presents an unique  atmosphere and the city is just majestic with it’s wonderful beaches all around. Ocean drives in the evenings or spending a quality time during the summer holidays is ideal to be spent here.

Other notable places to visit in USA includes,

Washington DC, capital of the United States famous for it’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

Los Angeles with Disneyland, Baverly Hills and Bell Air

Orland(Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, Sea World)

New Orleans(French Quarter)

Chicago (Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago)

Phoenix (Boston, Savannah).

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