Top 5 Sites to Hire Great Freelance Developers in 2020

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The promulgation of reliable hiring and working platforms online has introduced a lot of ease in hiring freelance developers from a pool of global talent. However, the amount of people putting their software development services up for hire has also increased to a point where some experts may describe the market as being saturated. It is tricky to figure out which platforms host the most reliable software developers that have the aptitude to serve startups and global firms. This article catalogues five websites that companies across the world utilize to hire freelance developers.


Upwork is one of the most reputable freelance websites around for finding skilled and experienced freelancers. It is a very active and reliable platform that is host to a diverse pool of software engineers, web developers, and programmers.

This is a great platform to hire from if you are looking for one-time, short term project. You may find that experienced individuals charge more per hour than a full-time office employee, but this approach will save you the long-term costs of benefits, insurance and employee perks that need to be offered to full-time workers.


Yes, LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals, but the networking features of the website also extend to finding and hiring appropriate individuals to work for you. The advantage here is the transparency of one’s skills and experience. The platform is also conducive to further contacting past employers to get recommendations about a prospective team member.

You will still have to conduct an internal interview, appraisal and evaluation of anyone you hire but LinkedIn does catalyze the process through its formal and professional networking features. 


Toptal is a talent matching platform that started off with its focus only on the technology market. Now, recruiters can also find web designers, graphic designers and finance experts on the site. The companies major source of activity is still derived from the pool of developers skilled in a diverse range of programming languages. 

Toptal enjoys a highly skilled base of developers. The system and structures they have for vetting developer talent means that only the very best become part of their community. From among the thousands that apply to be part of their community, only 3% adequately pass the vetting process. For this reason, Toptal is a popular choice for large, global firms to hire developers from.


GitHub is a platform primarily for software developers and the tech community. Being one of the largest open-source online repositories for programmers, there is perhaps not a better place on the internet that has the rich talent that this platform hosts. Your job listing has a higher chance of reaching the right skillset through GitHub.

Stack Overflow

GitHub’s rival of sorts. Stack Overflow also boasts a massive online community of reputed developers and coders. The platform is also used as a means by the coding community to learn and ask questions related to any kind of coding work. Their website also has a job board which can allow prospective employers to post their job listings to a huge community of developers.

Bonus: Third-Party Companies

Recent times have seen the rise of third-party companies who address the talent matching gap in tech markets. Seeing that employers have to go expend a huge amount of time and financial resources in recruiting, shortlisting, hiring and even training developers and engineers, these firms take care of all of these steps. Gaper, Trio and Andela operate with these business objectives in mind. They recruit teams of skilled developers and put them through a strict vetting process. Overtime, through repeated cycles of hiring, they end up with teams of engineers and developers that are ready to take on programming projects of any kind. 

Another advantage of hiring freelance developers through these companies is not having to deal with issues of tax regulations and compliance. These issues are a part and parcel of working with individuals or teams that are situated all over the world. Additionally, the third party companies also take care of team and project management tasks.

If you are looking to hire a team of developers, this is pretty much the only reliable approach seeing as these people will already be used to working together. Hiring individuals from other freelance platforms may entail some struggles to create and manage teams that need to need to work together in a productive and efficient manner.

To sum it up, you can find a multitude of online websites that let employers hire individuals. Because of the large number of options available, it is crucial to ensure you are not bringing onboard substandard services as that will cost your firm more in the future. Work together with another technical professional who knows what to look for when hiring developers online. Don’t try to do everything yourself in an effort to save company resources. You may end up paying more later. 

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