Top 5 Plantronics Wireless Headsets of 2020 in the USA for Computer Calls

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Wireless headsets have really evolved with time, and now they are prioritized over the corded ones because of the amount of freedom and productivity they offer to their users. Staying bound on a work station is so out of fashion now, and the modern professionals prefer the wire-free mobility that is only possible with the usage of these dynamic devices.

Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Here are the five most multifunctional Plantronics wireless headsets that have aced the charts of the United States of America in the year 2020 in terms of providing the most immaculate computer call experience.

  1. Plantronics Cs540 Convertible Wireless Headset

If you are looking for one telephone receiver that could route calls from your mobile phones, personal computers, and tablet phones, then the Cs540 is the best device for you. With this wonderful sound device, you can simply transfer the audio between your mobile phones and telephone receivers for working within or out of your office premises.

The one-touch call function lets you end or receive a call or turn the sound level up or down without any trouble. You can also mute or unmute the device and use flash controls with this one-touch system. The Unified Communication system is automatically updated the moment you connect the headset with a computer, desk phone, or mobile.

The wideband audio is equipped with superior technology that eliminates Wi-Fi interference along with acoustic safety against sound eruption. The DECT 6.0 offers convenient multitasking that allows you to seamlessly communicate, even if you are three hundred and fifty feet away from your desk. With all these amazing functions, this is one of the most lightweight wire-free sound devices in the market.

  1. Plantronics Savi W710 3 in 1 Wireless Headset

The Plantronics Savi W710 is one of those smart sound devices that can help you manage all your phone calls on your mobiles, personal computers, and desk phones altogether. The smart technology integrated into this device helps it route your calls to the device that is nearest in your range. It has a one touch call management system across all your connected devices.

Receiving and ending a call or raising and slowing down the sound volume is extremely convenient. The user can mute or unmute the device with one touch system as well. The integrated Unified Communication technology is automatically updated when connected to a mobile, pc, or desk phone. With this immaculately equipped sound device, you get wireless freedom of up to a hundred and fifty feet.

The efficient noise-canceling microphones communicate only the sound that you intend to communicate to the other end of the call. The Lithium power batteries are capable enough to keep the device active for long shift hours. With this headset, you get a comprehensive solution to your communication requirements along with superior comfort levels.

  1. Plantronics Savi W720 Wireless Headset

Experience five in one surround sound with the Plantronics Savi W720, which is equipped with massive fifty millimeter drivers. You can manage your calls on mobile phones, personal computers, and desk phones with this comprehensive sound solution. This device offers you a swappable battery option so that you are never out of power to communicate and be functional. The additional battery is sold separately and is not included in the packaging box of the headset.

The gadget offers one touch controls to end and receive calls, manage the device volume or flash controls as well as mute or unmute the headset at any time. The dual earpiece accompanied by state of the art noise canceling microphone, blocks out all the unnecessary background disturbances letting you focus solely on the conversation at hand. The 6800Hz wideband sound gives true to life sound experience to the users, thus enabling them to hear and be heard as if they are having a one on one true to life conversation instead of talking virtually over a phone line.

  1. Plantronics Savi W740 Convertible Wireless Headset

Experience superior call management with the Plantronics Savi W740. This is one intelligent headset that can manage all your calls over mobiles, personal computers, and desk phones. Not just that, but it automatically routes the calls to the device that is closest for you to attend. A single button lets you transfer your calls from the headset to the mobile phone to take calls on your cellular device.

You can manage flash controls across all the connected devices with the help of one touch controls. The UC presence is automatically updated according to the device that gets connected with the headset, be it a mobile, desk phone, or computer. The power system of this gadget is energy efficient and optimizes automatically according to the range and talk time.

The device offers conference calls with up to three additional headsets along with that guests can continue with multiple calls. It is termed to be one of the most lightweight wire free devices available in the market. The swappable battery system lets you stay connected for just as long as you want. This headset offers three convenient wearing styles.

  1. Plantronics Savi W745 Convertible Wireless Headset

This superb three in one headset connects to almost any device that you want to connect it with, for instance, mobile phones, personal computers, and desk phones. Call management has never been this easy before with an added benefit of a 350 feet wire-free connectivity. You can enjoy unlimited talk time with the help of swappable batteries that do not let you get offline due to less charging at any time.

Even if you are far away from your work desk, you can still end or receive a call with the help of the push of a single button. This gadget is also one of the most light in weight devices in the market, making it possible for you to wear it for long hours without the worry of ending up with a sprained neck or strained shoulder muscles. The elegant magnetic dock station makes the device look extremely chic and professional simultaneously. The instant mute feature turns out to be extremely beneficial, especially if you work in an open office environment.


Plantronics headsets are a sign of performance and durability, and the aforementioned devices help in solidifying this claim. Each one is a mark of excellence in its own self. If you want to know more about them or just in the mood to upgrade your current device with something more powerful and long-lasting then click here at your earliest. They have showcased the most dynamic and multi-functional sound gadgets on their portal at exceptional prices.

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