Top 10 must-see attractions in Ischia

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The island is part of Italy and is quietly located on the east coast of Naples. There are many places on this island that both locals and tourists know to travel to. Crystal clear, mineral-rich water is one of them. Under the island, there is a natural hot spring that can be seen from one of the popular beaches. But a truly magnificent landmark is the underwater remains of a long-forgotten empire. All of this illustrates the culture and wealth of Ischia. If you happen to be visiting it, these are the ten things to do.

Visit San Angelo

Sant’Angelo is a relatively small and very peaceful village in the south of the island, most of which is famous for fishing. On the seaside of the village, you will immediately notice the small pier. In the village, there are cafes, boutiques, restaurants and all the other items that can be found in such places. But this is no ordinary fishing village. The wealthy came here to participate in hot spring baths and taste the mineral-rich water of San Angelo.

Visit the Aragonese castle

When it comes to historical landmarks, few people can get close to the Aragonese castle. The castle in 474 BC was ruled by a famous king, but now it is a very popular landmark that everyone who visits the island should see. Here, a very famous cultural event is held every year, called “Ischia Film Festival”. In fact, this castle occupies a considerable share in the movie.

Visit Sokolso Church

Italy is a very pious country, and so are its islands. To say that the island has no famous churches is quite an understatement. And it is true, located in Forio. Forio is a larger town located in the west of the island. The church of Soccorso is Forio’s most famous landmark, and it is acclaimed for its magnificent sunset. When visiting Forio, make sure you also stop at Torrione (the historical tower used by the Roman Empire to fight pirates). The historic tower is only a short distance from the church.

Take pictures of Lacco Ameno

One thing you can do in Ischia is to take photos of everything. The sunset here is spectacular and the photos will not disappoint. However, when doing so, be sure to visit Lacco Ameno, a small town on the north side of the island. Here, in addition to taking sunset photos, you can also visit the mushrooms commonly known as “Il Fundo”. Il Fungo is another historical attraction, almost beyond the must-see landmarks in ancient times. Il Fungo is a large rock about 10 meters high, and it is said that it rose from the ground of Mount Epomeo.

Trek Mountain Epomeo

The previous point mentioned Mount Epomeo, but since it is the largest on the island, it is worth a try. If you manage to climb it, you should experience the beauty that the world does not have. The entire island can be seen from the top of the mountain, and it can sometimes become a romantic holiday destination. There are many ways to hike, but also many ways. In general, we recommend that you go through Serrara Fontana, which is the easiest way to get to the top. On that road, you can visit some restaurants serving travelers. What you absolutely should do is rent a car when visiting the island. As CostabileRent pointed out, Ischia may seem small, but it is too big to see everything on foot. Rent Car Ischia and Rent Scooter Forio provide you services.

Experience and relax in the hot spring park

We mentioned that there are hot springs under the island. Well, there is a park specially designed for them, you can taste it yourself. You might think that such an island cannot provide all residents with the option of bathing in a hot bath. Well, you would be wrong, because there are more than 100 hot spring baths and more than 20 pools for you to relax every day.

Visit the botanical garden

If you think this is all Ischia can provide, please think again. The island has its own botanical gardens, which are magnificent and breathtaking. Especially there are two. Giardini La Mortella and Giardini Ravino with subtropical and Mediterranean plants. If the former houses are unique plants in the area, the latter is just the opposite. In Giardini Lavino, you can see plants and flowers from all over the world. Each garden entry requires a fee; 13 $ and 10 $ respectively.

Sunbathe on the beach of Ischia

Being an island means that you have many beaches for locals and tourists to enjoy. In fact, there are dozens of beaches on the island for you to try. There are many beautiful beaches to try, the most famous of which are San Angelo (small fishing village), Citara, San Francesco and San Montano. Everyone is unique and unique, and everyone should be visited.

Visit Sorgeto Bay

Sorgeto Bay is another very popular beach on the island, but this beach is very unique. If you remember, we were talking about underground hot water baths at the beginning. Well, you can do this in Sorgeto Bay. Here, the heat flows into the sea and creates a natural swimming pool for you to enjoy. However, most of them are boiling, so it is only recommended that you try them when you visit in January.

Spend a night stargazing

Ischia has no industry or any major source of pollution. This means you can stare all night and count the stars until your head falls asleep. The night here is so beautiful, you can see every bright star in the sky in the literature. The island is also a holiday destination for astronomers, because it can enjoy the stunning beauty of the Milky Way. Check Now For Flight Bookings To Italy

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