Tips To Select The Perfect Indian Bridal Jewellery

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Indian Big fat weddings are all about the celebration of love, traditions, and elegance. Amongst all the traditional ceremonies, dazzling decorations, yummy food, and rituals, the center of attraction is always the bride. So, every bride wants to look the best on her wedding day. And for the perfect look, enhancing her beauty is always her absolutely gorgeous lehenga with shimmering bridal jewelry. 

Being the bride, you are obviously going to be picky about your wedding outfit and jewelry looking for that perfect piece. You need to choose the best of all for yourself as you are going to be under the limelight with a lot of people adoring you. You need to remember that with a pretty lehenga and perfect matching jewelry, you can flawlessly leave people mesmerized on your wedding day. 

Bridal jewelry does the perfect work of adding aura to your wedding outfit. Selecting the perfect jewelry to go with your outfit is important because even if you are wearing the most beautiful lehenga in this world, the wrong jewelry pieces and styles can ruin your look. So as you walk down the aisle, make sure all the glares of people around you are worth it. 

Being the modern brides of today, we desire to freeze all the attention on us and have wedding pictures in which we look purely chic and rocking. We also know it better that how the right outfit and accessories make it an absolute OOTD. With a stunning lehenga and perfect matching jewelry adding to your charm, you can flawlessly leave people mesmerized on your THE day.

So here you go with some tips to select the perfect bridal jewelry for yourself which you can confidently slay on your day and be the most photogenic bride ever. 

Match your necklace silhouette with your neckline

This is necessary because if your necklace is not the precise one according to the neckline, it can totally spoil the look of your outfit which you’d definitely not want, right?

Match your earrings with your hairstyle

For this, you need to finalize the hairstyle you are going to go for on your day in advance because if you choose to keep your hair open, a small pair no matter how heavy or beautiful might get covered with your hair and if you decide to tie a bun, a long earring might look like you overdid. Your earrings totally should be decided in accordance with your hairstyle for making everything fit well enough for you to carry yourself with confidence.

Choose your bridal jewelry according to the ceremonies

Indian weddings have a lot of different ceremonies and functions starting from Mehendi, Sangeet, Ring ceremony, Cocktail parties, and a lot more so remember to choose lighter jewelry for ceremonies you know you are going to be dancing in as well as for small ceremonies while you keep the heavier ones for the main functions and heavier outfits.

Choose the jewelry metal according to your outfit color

You need to keep your jewelry highlighted as well with your dress for getting the complete perfect look that you desire. The wrong colors and metal might look dim or spoil your look if it is matched with the heavy outfit.

Don’t go for multicolor jewelry

Multicolor jewelry pieces for weddings are a complete no no. Colorful jewelry might make your ‘bridal look’ all messy, mismatched, and tacky. Try to keep it simple, right, and pretty.

The Maang Tikka should be according to the size of your forehead

Large foreheads pull off heavy large Maang Tikkas while smaller ones should choose simple minimal designs. Minimal design ones also come with beautiful work and gems. So, pick the right one!

Look for trendy designs

Our fashion designers have been coming up with creative ideas and tips especially for Indian brides to help the look astonishingly glamorous. Every now and then stunning bridal jewelry pieces are flaunted by our fashionistas. Choose your jewelry according to the latest trend and kill it!

Bridal jewelry has always been vogue and brides love to flaunt themselves in them. But keep in mind to choose the metal that goes or suits your skin type because you obviously do not want to end up having skin irritations or rashes on your day of happiness. Also, if you are up for a classic traditional look, you can pick some of your mother’s jewelry pieces and make a grand entry by matching them with your outfit. You can also easily modify these old beautiful jewelry pieces by giving it a modern touch and incline it perfectly with your lehenga if you think it does not. 

If you are looking to invest a lot and one time in buying jewelry, you can look for heavy designs that can be detached into smaller pieces and worn on different occasions or you can choose for beautiful but minimal designs so that apart from your wedding, you can wear them on other occasions too.

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