Tips to Prepare for Amazon Software Development Engineering Interview

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Amazon is one of the biggest technology companies. This company follows the 14 Leadership Principles to hire and develop the best. Amazon is a customer-centric company and the main objective of this company is to deliver the best and ensure customer satisfaction.
Amazon is one of the big four technology-based companies that care a lot about the leadership principles while hiring the candidate.

Most people want to get a good job position in the Amazon Company and they keep trying till they get succeeded. If you are one of those then you should follow the amazon interview preparation guide. You have to prepare well before cracking the Amazon interview. Have a look at the following points:

Amazon Interview Preparation

One should possess good skills to get a job in the Amazon Company. The process of hiring in tech giant companies is almost the same, but the Amazon Company’s interview is a bit difficult. The candidate who is going to appear for the technical job position in the Amazon Company must have the good technical knowledge and be capable to answer behavioral questions based on Amazon Leadership Principles. It is recommended that candidates must know the preparation tips to crack the Amazon interview. The difficult level of the interview is based on the position you have applied for.

Important Things To Consider

Amazon Company strictly follows the Leadership Principles in the entire interview process. This company strictly pays attention to customer obsession. Therefore, you should carefully go through various leadership principles of Amazon Company before applying. You should also go through various amazon interview tips available online.

Also, you should do in-depth research of this company. You should know what Amazon is doing right now and what kind of technology this company is dealing with. If you have good knowledge about what Amazon is doing right now then it will leave a good impression on the interviewer. This will let the interviewer know that you are interested in the company.

You should not expect a yes or no answer from the interviewers because they are trained to don’t react to your answers. It may make you feel disappointed, but it is one of the best ways to judge the skills of the candidate. So, get ready and prepare yourself for watching stone-cold faces.

Amazon Interview Procedure

Sending Application

You should build a connection with the hiring managers via LinkedIn. In addition to this, you should pay attention to your CV while applying for the job. The Amazon coaching classes will teach you how to crack the job interview at Amazon and they will also help in preparing a perfect resume that will let you grab a good job. The Amazon coaching class’s providers will also tell you some basic Amazon interview questions.

Screening Interview

Before calling the candidates for an on-site interview, Amazon conducts a screening round. This screening round would be telephonic or direct challenges will be given to you via mail. You have to clear the screening round for giving the on-site interview. This screening round will be taken either by phone calls or direct questions will be mailed to the candidates.

They have to solve these questions to appear in the second round of interviews. The questions will be based on the basic level data structure algorithms. If you want to crack the phone screening then you should concentrate on the algorithms and data structure. Also, you have to answer a few questions that are based on Amazon Leadership Principles.

Onsite Interview

Once you have cleared the phone screening, the next stage of the amazon interview process is the onsite interview. This interview will take one full day because various interviewers are going to take the different rounds of interviews. Each interview round will be approximately one hour. The number of interview rounds will be decided based on your performance in each round. Also, the number of interview rounds is based on the post level for which you are applying.

System Design Round

In this round, the open-ended conversation takes place and this round is mostly conducted with experienced candidates. In this round, the overall ability of the candidates is checked to handle the technical system. If you are preparing for a technical job in Amazon, you should check the questions for the system design round.

Usually, the interviewers are interested in your choice among various resources such as Database, Logging, Storage, etc. It is recommended that you must have a good grasp of various technologies of the database. During the system design round, the Amazon interviewers will include more web-based components.

Bar Raiser Round

The Bar raiser round is a special interview round in Amazon. In this round, the skills and cultural fit of the candidates are assessed. In this round, it is ensured that the candidate knows about Amazon Leadership Principles.

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