The Summer Skin Ritual

The Summer Skin Ritual

The skin is the largest as well as the most sensitive part of the human’s body. Humans are very conscious about their skin. As now that we are getting to experience the real summer heat, it is important to have a proper skin care and beauty regime that not only takes care of your skin but also helps you look good in the harsh weather.

Here are 5 beauty tips you must follow during the summer, to beat the heat:


The Summer Skin Ritual

A sunscreen is a must-have in your handbag in summer.
Check the SPF to suit the summer sun in your city. Apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you step out so that it has time to soak into your skin and protect your skin from being tanned.


The Summer Skin Ritual
A face wash/cleansing gel is a handy thing to keep in your bag. This will help you to cleanse your skin and keeps your face away from oil and dirt particles.

Lip Balm with SPF

The Summer Skin Ritual

It is very common to have dry lips in summer. This is because the lips are the thinnest and tend to get dry easily. Make it a point to carry a lip balm and apply it before you head out. Instead of lip balm you can also use coconut oil for healthy lips.

Stay Hydrated

The Summer Skin Ritual

Most importantly stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water. Drink 8/9 glasses of water per day for good skin.

You can also drink coconut water or lemonade to keep yourself hydrated.

Make A Natural Beauty Mask

The Summer Skin Ritual

To Restore And Hydrate Tired Dull Skin

The Summer Skin Ritual

Take 2 spoons of gram flour, add half table spoon of honey in it. Then add 1 spoon of lemon juice, add yogurt and then rose water.

In case, You can’t use lemon juice cause of skin allergies then you can also use tomato juice instead.

Tips - You can also use ice cubes on a daily basis in summer time. It will keep your skin fresh and cool.

Wash your face regularly on summer days as it will not let dirt and oil particles stick to your face.

I hope you enjoyed these natural beauty tips.

Feel free to share them with your friends, and spread the word about natural beauty.

Have any natural beauty tips of your own? Please share them in the comments below.

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