The many taunts you hear from your relatives on studying abroad

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We all are well aware of the education system of Pakistan and how badly it’s affecting our generation. Government schools are either not well constructed or the teachers are prone to old adage to tend to your classes. Worst case scenario is almost 70% of our population is out of their homes either doing some part-time jobs or has become a part of the begging mafia.

It all leads to the very conclusion that Pakistan is in the worst of its days and it needs us to help it stand back on its feet. Which we can do more vigorously by going to study abroad and later come back to pay our debts to our nation. For that you first need an education consultant in Pakistan for advice and then it’s up to you whether you want to study in Europe or to study in the USA or some other country.

But the problem arises after you inform your desi relative about your venture, they will start taunting you indirectly as if you are committing a sin.
Here are some of the many situations you encounter with your relatives when going abroad:

1. Informing them becomes a headache:
The worst situation arises when you inform your relative about your departure. They will most likely try to convince you how you are performing a sin by traveling abroad for studies or give you too much attention to bear.

2. Visiting starts:
As you have informed them, now they will pay you countless visits in just a span of few days as if it’s them that’s leaving, not you, and whether they pay you a visit or not in the past months. The same people who used to taunt you on being “Malaika” taunts on being a betrayer to your own country.

3. Greets you like their son/daughter:
Female relatives have this tendency to pretend as you are chocolate to their pudding on such peculiar occasions although there might be some families where situations might be reversed. In Spite of showering their so-called over, they’ll overcast taunts towards you.

4. Gifts:
No matter how much of a high-fi family you belong to, there are certain relatives that tend to bring sweets and some prickle bottles to take with you as gifts. That too for their other relatives in the country you’re traveling. Convincing them that you can’t do that seems like an almost-true-fairytale.

5. See off:
Desi see-off are the best. To depart a single human being, family members you never knew of would get loaded in cars or van and venture out to say their last goodbyes to people. In Pakistan due to security-prone situations, this adventure is been wiped out of Pakistan.

However, these silly gestures will be the putting the smiles on your faces after few years. Well, hurry up and consult a professional. Our best recommendation would be to study in Europe with lush green landscapes.

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