The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learn German

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German is one of the major languages. It is a rich language. It is a primary language of Central Europe and its history is deep-rooted. The German dialect is a mixture of Latin, Greek, French and modern English. There are many similarities between English and German that will make learning easy for you. Their Germanic roots are interconnected. Even if you are a beginner, learning German online will not be a mountainous task.

We do not endorse any quick course because it takes a certain amount of time to learn this dialect. With proper guidance and motivation, you can achieve your goals.

An important language to speak 

Thousand of aspirants are learning to speak German. Most of them are learning it from online courses. Because they know its scope in the European continent. In the United Kingdom, this is one of the most well-established languages for trade and business. Austria, Switzerland, Italy, German is an official and co-official language in these countries. Besides, it is ranked as the most popular language in the world after English. It is an important language to learn if you are heading to Europe. Listen to know the difference then speak to make the difference.

What’s the time?

How much time does it take to learn the German language? This is the first question learners ask before enrolling in the course. The answer is their dedication. Well, sometimes students ask for certain shortcuts to grasp the language quickly. Indeed, there are a few shortcuts but we do not recommend any quick pill. Be patient and regular to correct yourself. On average period of 6 to 7 months of intensive practice is a must be good at basics. Start now.

Grammar Part

Learning German online can be a bit difficult due to its grammar portion. An experienced teacher once said that 80% of grammar is for understanding and the rest 20% is for cramming. Therefore, you have to grasp the essence of grammar to nurture your verbal abilities. For example, we write a simple sentence as follows:

For example, we write a simple sentence as follows:

  • Subject + conjugated verb+ object (infinitives or participles)
  • In German-Ich sehe den Himmel.
  • In English-I see the sky.
  • Ich-I , sehe- see , den- the , himmel- sky

The verb which has two parts like auxiliar and a verb, the verb is shifted to the end of the sentence:

  • In English- I will write a letter.
  • In German – Ich werde einen Brief schreiben but literally it will be formed as “ I will a letter writer.

Therefore, there is some complex word-order that we need to understand through grammar.

Small Start

  • Gaining confidence is the initial step you have to take on the path of language learning. At the beginning of the course learn the right pronunciation of alphabets. Then, learn to count, days of the week, name of months, name of fruits and vegetables, and so on. Then start using small and simple utterances in your daily routine. By using this lightweight exercise you will gain tremendous self-confidence to proceed further for difficult contextual knowledge. Some useful examples:
  • Good moring- guten Morgen.
  • May I come in? – darf ich reinkommen?
  • Come in please- Bitte herein.
  • Thank you – dank
  • Please help me- bitte helfen sie mir.
  • od bless you -Gott sei mit dir.
  • See you later-bis spatter.

The Fast Trap

Many tutors promise to make you fluent in German in 30 or 60 days. Beware. It takes years to master the language. Yes, you can learn quick basics in a couple of months but to be an expert you have to spend a lot of time with the language. These naïve trainers do not provide organized teaching sessions and proper study material.

The team of Language scoop has prepared suitable study and teaching plans for Indian students. We give have full courses because we avoid random teaching.

German Speaking Practice

Usually, we speak more than we write. A huge part of our communication is our spoken language. The speaking ability of a person depends on his vocal clarity about the dialect. Moreover, writing ability comes second in our verbal conduct. So, first, learn to speak German and then learn how to grasp, what is being said. Sounds and pronunciation of vocabulary is a tricky task. Your tongue moves like a flexible rope. It is mandatory to imbibe the art of modern spoken German.

If you want to speak German, you have to speak German there is no short cut. Learners during the course and after the course don’t put emphasis on speaking. They read, and write and listen but don’t take part in verbal communication. Moreover, speaking requires intense practice. But students complain about the lack of practical exposure.

Well, they forget that they can do German-speaking practice without any partner by reading dialogue and transcripts. They usually do not apply this method. They wait for a fluent partner to become fluent that’s why speaking is difficult.

Learn Amusing German

German is a tough language. Experts have observed many students who have left their language learning because of the difficulty level. We would suggest you stay calm and relax. A lot of people learn to speak German online and you are also one of them, so, don’t worry be happy. Learning happens when you stay joyful and active. After mastering the basics start watching comedy movies and amusing content. Write and read moral stories and share them in your friend circle. Enjoy the learning process.

Be a Loyal Student

  • Do your homework properly.
  • Stick to one teacher.
  • Be consistent.
  • Practice all modules daily (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).
  • Spend enough time with the language.
  • Make mistakes and ask questions.
  • Maintain proper notebooks.
  • Give feedback and accept it in return.
  • Follow a study plan.
  • Always do systematic practice.
  • Take small targets.

We Are Beginners’ Friend

Language Scoop is a digital platform to learn a foreign language while sitting at your home. Yes, we are beginners’ friends because you can start your learning journey with us. Our courses are backed by updated technicians and well-versed language teachers. Our services are affordable and flexible. We have done intensive research on remote learning.

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