The Burning Desire – Failure, a Key Step to Success

Failure, a key step to success

“Wear your failure as a batch of honour” this is a quote by sundar pichai the present ceo of google. He belongs to a middle class family, did his education from IIT madras, he completely believed that it’s the knowledge that matter not degree. Many other great personalities such as Sharukh khan and henry ford have wonderful opinion about failure. Sharukh khan on the other hand started acting more to escape poverty rather than to be a superstar, but his efforts, his hard work and passion took him to the place where he belongs. There is no such thing common about these personalities besides of the fact that all of them are major example of turning the grain into gold, they all came from middle class, they all worked hard saw breakdowns but still carried the hope to sustain their dream, they all had nothing much but just a “burning desire.”

Starting from Henry Ford, he was the founder of ford  company which is fifth largest company worldwide for production of automobiles. Many people knows about ford’s success but no one knows about the ”failure” he faced. In the year 1993 ford decided to produce the V-8 motor with entire eight cylinders cast in one block and told engineers to produce the required design for the motor, engineers anyhow refused and said “it’s impossible” but ford’s determination denied saying “go ahead and stay on the job until you succeed no matter how much time is required”. Six months went by nothing happened, another six months went by and yet nothing happened engineers still told “it’s impossible” everything gave up but henry’s determination didn’t, then just like a snap the magic happened and the engine was created. A lot of people envy ford because of the good fortune he had but just a few people knows that he belonged from a small town, after the death of his mother his father wanted him to continue working in farm but he denied also wrote “I never had any particular love for the farm it was the mother on the farm I loved”.

I imagine what would have happened if henry didn’t had the desire to *not to work* in farm then we would never had ford, at very first he figured out what he don’t want to get stuck with for the entire life.

Sharukh khan on the other hand said in a talk “ I don’t want as much to succeed as i don’t want to fail” the fear of failure motivates you to your success at the same time even if you fail, you will learn something more precious than if you succeed the lessons that failure teaches will remain with you to your complete lifetime but your success will just be a point where people will judge your success and not your failures.

People often hide their failures because of the fear of getting judged by other people but you don’t have to hide your failure indeed wear your failure as a batch of honour, let people know how much you are fighting to get your success. More than for people’s assurance do it for yourself to make yourself proud, to complete your desire.

Knowledge matters degree doesn’t !!! always keep this in your mind degree is just a source which makes it easy to attain knowledge that too not in particular field of interest, at the end of the day you HAVE TO work on yourself by yourself to increase your knowledge no degree alone will help you to get your desire come true. Many more personalities who had the knowledge but not the degree includes Thomas edison who did just primary education , but was self-taught. Will smith and the one and the only Bill Gates of course the list is endless.. there are a number of people who focused no knowledge rather than degree and have achieved immense in their life.  

Concluding I would say no barrier is strong enough to stop you if you burning desire is flamed enough with your will power. Learn from your failures, don’t stop because you failed the failure you faced was just a part of your success story it’s just a teacher eventually.

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