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Technology defined as the application of scientific knowledge in machinery and the computer building. Technology has taken over many aspects of our lives and is continuously taking over ancient methods. The technology has taken over the daily life use of people. The technology has been improved amazingly in the previous years the gadgets connected to the internet have completely changed the means of communications and shopping and even studies.

  • Improved communication:

The new tech tools for communication have eliminated the conventional barriers for effective communication that was the time and distance to a very effective level and this hasn’t only changed the personal level communication but also has improved the communication level for business internationally. The easy to use interphase has been proved to be one of the major cause of people using these apps and sites.

  • Improved educational system:

The level of education is also improved to a very good level due to certain sites and search engines the blogs and articles provide you with the best knowledge about every aspect of education out there in the world. Through blogging, students can’t only seek knowledge but can also earn through blogging by providing a certain niche/topic of knowledge they have to the world through blogging sites by writing articles for them.

  • Better entertainment source:

Internet and technology have evolved the means of entertainment to very higher level mobiles have taken over almost every aspect of entertainment because of its portability and versatility. The mobile phone has replaced many conventional entertainment sources such as TV and computers and certain other musical instruments. The invention of new gadgets such as the drones and mirrorless cameras have changed the game completely to the next level a smartphone nowadays provides the best mid-range  DSLR shots and more than that they are easy to handle and are quite portable.

  • Advancement of medical sciences:

Technology played an important role in the field of medical sciences. Through electrical devices, the diagnoses of the diseases have become more accurate, precise and furthermore, it has increased the life span of the humanity to a very higher level than that of the lifespan that humanity had in the past. Technologies such as ventilators CT scan, MRI, and ECG have proved to be the best machines for coping up the emergency situations.


  • Technology in the medicines :

The use of technology in the field has evolved the pharmaceutical industry because of its quick performance and completing the time-taking processes in the seconds such as centrifugation, solidification, and certain other processes that are included in it.


  • Technology in office productivity

Technology plays an important role in our daily official routine work. Although we need technology on a daily basis. We can send or receive official files through the FTS system instead of a manual system. We can coordinate between departments on daily matters via mail. Even it’s very easy to connect anywhere in the world with video conferencing. There more new inventions through tech devices. So technology is everywhere in a daily routine that makes life easy and convenient.

  • Technology in Home

Although technology in our home plays an important role because we easier our life via technology. There are multiple aspects of home technology. One hand there is home appliances and home automation. There are many appliances used at home for cleaning the washing machine, Clothes dryer, Dishwasher, sink, vacuum cleaner. For kitchen purpose items like Bar BBQ, food processor, oven, microwave oven, bread maker. In electric lighting, incandescent light bulb, energy saver, etc at home is also a form of technology.

Technology plays an important role in our daily routine. In every day innovation is in technology for new things. So we are with technology in our life.

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