SUV tyres guide: Types and their pros and cons

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SUV tyres are far more complex than standard passenger tyres. Sedans, compact SUVs and hatchbacks are meant to be driven on highways and roads. If you have an all-wheel drive train system, you can consider driving in mild off-road conditions. However, highway remains the only type of terrain to drive on.

On the other hand, you can find different specialities in SUV tyres. From driving on well-paved surfaces to extreme rough terrains, an SUV can meet diverse driving needs. The tread in SUV tyres is a bit aggressive depending on the type and it can endure heavyweight. 

If you don’t know about different SUV tyres and their purpose, it can be a bit difficult for you to decide which one you should put on your vehicle.

Don’t worry, we are putting a detailed piece on SUV tyres and their types. It will equip you with the right knowledge and help you make the right decision. So, let’s begin:

Types of SUV tyres

SUV tyres come in the following types:

  • Highway tyres: for driving on roads and highways
  • Off-road: for driving on even terrains
  • All-terrain or AT tyres: for driving on both highways and off-road

Highway tyres

The highway tyres are designed for drivers who mainly drive on roads and highways. The special tread in these tyres makes the ride comfortable and smooth. Resisting hydroplaning, the grooves in the tyre help it channel water. Moreover, highways tyres are optimized to provide better fuel-efficiency.

A premium highway tyre will have a high-speed rating and it will offer great stability along with sharp cornering.


  • Maximum traction on roads and highways
  • Offering a long tread life, these provide high-speed stability and durability
  • Quiet and smooth rides with suppressed vibrations
  • The fuel-efficiency is excellent


  • You cannot expect them to perform on uneven terrains or in harsh winter conditions 

Mud Tyres

Mud tyres are designed for rough terrains. Some people call them off-road tyres. These offer benefits which are totally opposite to highway tyres. While highway tyres provide ideal performance on roads and highways, these tyres are crafted to handle harsh off-road conditions. Whether you are going through a deep puddle of water or your tyres are rolling over sticky mud, these tyres will maintain an optimal level of traction in every condition.

Mostly, mud SUV tyres are designed for 4×4 vehicles. These cars have powerful suspensions along with the elevated driving height.


  • Excellent grip on uneven terrains
  • The aggressive tread makes them less vulnerable against sharp objects
  • The larger gaps between grooves channel mud and water out of the way


  • The tread life is shorter because the of its aggressiveness (it wears out quickly)
  • These have less fuel-efficiency
  • When you drive on roads, mud tyres make noise and vibrations

All-terrain tyres or AT tyres

These are the most versatile SUV tyres. Designed for driving on both highways and roads, AT tyres maintain a perfect grip on both roads and moderate off-road conditions. These are great for people who need a tyre which can offer grip on different terrains.

However, you cannot buy an AT tyre and expect it to deliver an amazing performance in harsh off-road conditions. In AT tyres, the tread is less aggressive and the gap between grooves are not larger like off-road tyres. The gap is kept moderate, so AT tyres don’t make a lot of noise on highways and roads.

Similarly, AT tyres don’t provide the same level of comfort on roads as highway tyres do because again the tread is smoother in AT tyres and the gaps are slightly larger.

Summing up, if you want the best of both worlds, then opt for AT tyres.


  • Perfect on various terrains including rocks, gravel and roads
  • Better fuel efficiency and longer tread life than off-road tyres


  • A bit of compromise in ride comfort if you compare them with highway tyres


You can find different SUV tyres depending on your usage. If you understand your driving needs, you can buy the best tires for SUV. Just make sure that you don’t buy tyres just to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. You can browse different tyres on the internet. Go through their features and then decide which one suits your need perfectly.

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