Sport – A metaphor for life

Sports are an essential part of life. Starting from compulsory P.E classes in elementary school where one is forced to play whether or not they want to, to choosing a sport of interest and religiously pursuing it – sport can be seen as a mirror of life. They more or less teach us similar things. Let us explore what lessons do sports and life have in common.

Sport – A metaphor for life

Before talking about specific sports, let us look at sport in general. Aspiring players train hard to make the cut into good teams/rankings. Some of them are chosen, some aren’t. The chosen ones train harder for huge tournaments. Few resilient ones who didn’t make the cut, also train harder. In huge tournaments, even the best players lose, sometimes! To add insult to injury, the coach is sacked. If players dwell on their losses, they gradually fade into oblivion. Sometimes, players get injured. Springing back from losses, injury is important. Some players suffer with consistency issues. Factions, internal politics, funds, sponsors, government aid, doping and dishonesty and a host of other issues need to be taken care of.

Now let’s compare that to life; you work your hardest to get into that one dream school/job. Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don’t. People who worked less hard than you did, do make it, sometimes. Yes, it’s unfair; like the umpire denying your team, a goal that you rightfully deserve. You battle a host of other issues in your journey – peer pressure, financial crunch etc. Some people may succeed through dishonest means (like players taking performance enhancing drugs), but they’ll be caught in the long run (like how players are stripped of their medals). Failure in life should not dishearten you for a long time. You need to get back up and start over. You need to get to your goal before the hooter rings!

If you play a team sport, the lessons only get better!

Sport – A metaphor for life

Playing in a team, you naturally start learning team building and working with different kinds of people. You respect your team mates and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You respect the contribution of every member and try to bring out the best in them. You hide your differences on field, for the sake of the team’s victory!

In life too, you are exposed to many activities which need you to work in a team. If there are people who are better than you, learn from them. If you have underskilled teammates, teach them what is necessary. As a player of a team sport, you are not just preparing to win in championships, but also to face teams in your workplace, school or university.

As a sportsperson, you are disciplined, determined and strive for consistency – exactly the qualities you need to reach any goal in life.

Sport – A metaphor for life

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