Social Media Influencers a New Way of Marketing

Social Media Influencers a New Way of Marketing
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Social Media Influencers have the power to impact purchasing pattern and thus, enhance advertising revenue. Social Media Influencers are the assets employed by a company for the purpose of creating a buzz in the younger markets and for expanding social media coverage in businesses. Social Media Influencers are a new generation fad that has increasingly become a great part of many lives and the business as a whole, thrives on the fact that it has now reached everyday aspects of our lives. Just as their name suggests, social media influencers basically work towards influencing social media users to avail the services of certain brands which in turn helps them earn money or other non-monetary benefits. This can be seen as a major advancement in terms of how social media can be used not only to amass followers but also to earn that extra income that comes along with the popularity.

            Regular purchase decisions like what to buy, when to buy and how much to buy can be greatly impacted by the use of social media influencers. Social Media Influencers provide a personal touch to the products they advertise by making a direct impact on the minds of the audience. This leads to increased purchase orders and higher advertising revenue. For brands and retailers, trust is more important than ever. Consumers demand authenticity and expect influencer content to be genuine and realistic. Thus, it is highly necessary for social media influencers to be vigorous in their advertising activities so that maximum customers may be attracted. This can also lead to direct revenue generation for the companies.

            Big brands need to concentrate on working with key leaders in the market, leaders who can decode and forward the marketing message of the brand to their followers. A lot of social media influencers work largely across the streams of beauty, health, fashion, accessories, interior decorating, among many other things as well. Huda Kattan, the most popular influencer on Instagram, has a follower list of 26 million followers. Her income per post is $33,000 which is only a small part of her income as her own beauty brand “Huda Beauty” generates ample sales and revenue from these influencer posts. Through her posts, she creates an urge in the minds of the customers and they follow through on that urge by buying her products without second thoughts, which generates advertising revenue for her and for her company. Many other famous faces like Zach King, Michelle Lewis, etc. are influencing social media users on a daily basis with their opinions and reviews of various products thus making social media marketing as one of the top-rated methods for creating band awareness and also for increasing revenue.

            Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have led to the rise of a new generation of influencers that have amassed huge followings on niche subject matters such as fashion, beauty, and food. Although a fixed amount of income cannot be determined or ascertained for every social media influencer, businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, according to a poll of marketing professionals conducted by Tomoson. The poll also found that marketers rate influencer marketing as their fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, outpacing organic search and email marketing. Asked about this result, Jeff Foster, CEO of Tomoson, said: “Social media users tend to spend more money, and are more likely to spread the word to friends and family” (Tomoson, 2015).6 This shows the credibility and success of influencer campaigns and how it is a direct contributor to the advertising revenue for a given company.

            In conclusion, it would be logical to list social media influencers and their business as one of the most booming business practices which create a strong impact on the minds of the customers with their marketing tactics and also generate revenue for the companies that they work for. This creates market prosperity and improvement in the overall profits both for the influencer as well as for the company. However, social media influencers should be careful when it comes to marketing things they should not be marketing. A keen sense of drawing the line between good and bad needs to be present in order to conduct a fair business that results in fair market practices.

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