Should Elementary Students be Allowed Time for Recess?

Should Elementary Students be Allowed Time for Recess?
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Learning is better when efforts are distributed rather than concentrated. Work that includes breaks proves more effective than working in long stretches.

This is an old saying and this really applies to the kids who are at their primary level of education.

Kids must get recess time so that they can burn their calorie which will be fruitful for their mental as well as physical development. Continuous development of stress during the academic period may lead to hypertension and can make the child annoy from the beginning stage. Getting annoyed will not only make him lose its willpower but will also make him emotionally week from inside

Recess period allows children to communicate with each other so that they can develop the habit of sharing which will help them in building interpersonal skills. Kids learn the basic rules of life in the playground-how to get along, negotiate, make and follow each other’s rule, talk to one another and fall down and get back up again. These are not only the basic thing which the kids learn but also the root on which his/her success will multiply.

Recess time increases the focus as well as the concentration of power. Kids will perform better in their academics as well as in the sports life efficiently. Giving Kids recess time will make them feel the natural light, i.e. Sunlight which will give them vitamin D as well as improve their brain development. Most of the brain is activated during the Physical activity which will lead to higher intelligence and concentrating power.

Recess time is exercise. Playing, Jumping and doing a little bit of exercise will lead to the loss of weight and will also help them to get rid of diseases. Exercise will also lead to the better circulation of blood in the body and maintain Metabolism.

At the end of the passage, I would like to conclude that Recess time will be the best time which the student, irrespective of its age can experience in its life because it will teach him the basic rules of his life. These rules will only build up his personality and groom him according to the situations.

Knowledge will only help to solve the situation but these grooming will help him to come out of the situation.

The most important part of our life is to know our self. The day we will know our self we can win the heart of everyone in the universe and this can only be possible when we give time to ourselves during this recess time.

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