Sample SOP for Computational Finance & Risk Management

Sample SOP for Computational Finance & Risk Management
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My inclination towards the finance domain could be traced back to my recent academic endeavors. I went to pursue Bachelors of Technology, Business Analytics from the renowned NMIMS University. Learning from the wide range of modules like Deep Learning, AI, Research, and Economics, one thing that gripped was my strong and motivated love towards the jargons and phrases of Economics and Finance.

I come from a progressive Indian family where my both my mother and father are working. My initial impressions of Finance could be traced back to the days of India’s 2008 recession and crisis. This was the time when I became aware of how finances play a crucial role in anyone’s life, despite taxes and death being the only two certainties in life as claimed by Benjamin Franklin.

Growing through the journey, I happened to have been fortunate enough to serve a few financial organizations via internships. I joined Pax Indica Solutions where I designed and built analysis models, performed A/B testing and data-driven optimization. I also interned at Impetus Wealth Management for about two months. Here, I performed rigorous market research and generated reports. I have also interned at Rotex Automation and 73 Strings to strengthen my analytical skills as well.

All throughout, my professional stints helped me garner a vivid exposure of what I wanted to do next. With my handsome experience in this data-driven world and my Bachelors in the similar field, I wish to inculcate my learnings in the financial world and build solutions in a world where problems like stagflation, recession, and climate change exist. As the structure of labor market and migration is witnessing a significant change, a broader scope for Computational Finance and Risk Management has barged in.

Companies like McKinsey, PWD, Deloitte, and many others are looking for employees who are ready to face on the challenges thrown by this rapidly developing and evolving world. Being fascinated by the world of finance, I happened to have come across technologies like DeFi which claim to solve many real-world financial problems, but they often fail to provide security and liquidity to the protocol at times. Learning the risks involved in the world of finance, my core analytical and mathematical knowledge will be put to test and I believe this opportunity from the University would lead me to my destination.

The esteemed faculty at the University mesmerizes me and I absolutely want to be nurtured under their guidance. Having read their researches and developments over the past years make me believe that studying at the University would be the finest decisions for my career so far. As I also wish to become a lecturer, in the long run, I also aspire to pursue a Ph.D. in a similar domain and see myself teaching talented minds. While currently, I have been associated with an NGO and teaching the underprivileged students Mathematics.
I sincerely hope you consider me deserving of this opportunity.
Thanks & Regards,

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