Ro Purification Plant: Boon To The Society

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With the betterment in living standards of people, it has become a vital necessity to get the best basic amenities possible. Water is one of the essential, necessary facilities as we know the human body constitutes 70% of water, and people are ready to pay whatever it takes to get the highest quality water. To get most top quality water people tend to install water purification plants in search of better living standards.

Why Is Water Purification The Need Of The Hour?

We cannot directly consume the fresh water present in lakes, so the water is taken from the source and is purified.

To keep yourself healthy and away from diseases, you are required to drink proper and clean drinking water.

Clean water is good for our body; it helps in proper metabolism and digestion.

Meaning Of Water Purification

The primary purpose is to produce water which is fit for specific purposes and in this case ‘drinking’.

Water purification can be done by using physical processes such as sedimentation or filtration, bio-logical processes such as biologically active carbon; chemical processes such as chlorination and the use of electromagnetic radiation such as ultraviolet light.


One of the best ways to get purified water is to install RO plant.

Reverse Osmosis is the best and the most reliable process for the purification of water.

 It provides us with the cleanest form of drinking water.

This technique is needed to filter out all unwanted content from the water and make it drinkable.


The word RO stands for Reverse Osmosis

In reverse Osmosis, an applied pressure is used to overcome the osmotic pressure.


RO water purifier is a machine that makes water potable and make is drinkable. It is used to remove contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.


Automatic Shut-Off Valve(SOV)

  1.     Check Valve
  2. Cold Water Line Value
  3. Flow Restrictor
  4. Pre Filter
  5. Post Filter
  6. RO Faucet
  7. RO Membrane
  8. Storage Tank

All these parts are mounted together to make RO water purification plant.

Automatic Shut-Off Valve (SOV)

As the name suggests, this valve is used to stop the excess water from flowing. The SOV opens to send the pure drinking water through the membrane, which leads to a fall in the tank’s pressure.

Check Valve

The check valve prevents the backward flow of permeate water from the storage tank. It is located at the outlet end of the membrane housing. The mechanism of this type of valves is the same as the valves present in the heart of the human body.

Cold Water Line Valve

This valve fits onto the water supply line. It contains a tube that gets fixed to the inlet side of the RO system’s pre-filter. It acts as a source of water for the RO system.

Flow Restrictor

This component regulates the flow of water through the RO membrane. Its purpose is to keep the water flow rate needed to acquire the highest quality drinking and pure water. The flow restrictor helps in maintaining pressure on the entry side of the membrane. It helps to increase the amount of drinking water that will be generated because in the absence of this restrictor, the water would take the path with less resistance and very less water would go down the drain.


Pre-filter will first get the water coming from the cold water supply line. This pre-filters help in getting rid of salt, dirt, and other contaminants that could block the system.


The treated water that comes from the RO storage tank will then pass through a final post-filter before getting into the RO faucet. The carbon filter is used to remove any remaining odor and taste from the water.

RO Faucet

It is a crucial part of the RO system.

RO Membrane – The RO Membrane can be considered a synonym of heart. It removes contaminants and pollutants. The water passes through this membrane and then enters a pressurized storage tank where the product or treated water is stored.

Storage Tank – Its storage capacity varies from 2-4 liters. They are typically 15 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter.

To conclude, as natural sources of freshwater are decreasing due to increasing pollution, so it is becoming essential to purify water before drinking and in this process RO water purifier plant helps to a significant extent. Buy any annual RO service pack and gift yourself good health. Drink pure water and stay healthy. Go and look for it online today and be carefree. You are sure to drink the cleanest and purified water.

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