Relationship between fashion and self confidence

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People usually relate fashion with funky clothes, belts or shoes, etc but this thinking is totally wrong.

Fashion is to wear something that is trendy instead of wearing outdated clothes or shoes.

Imagine if you wear that long bellbottom pants that Mr. Amitabh Bachan used to wear in 90’s films today then you definitely look weird and disgusting.

This not only loses your self-confidence but also puts a bad impression on the other person whom you are meeting with.

Every occasion demands different attire. Suppose you are going for a business meet and wear jeans and a leather jacket then you totally look unprofessional. For business meetings, it is recommendable to wear a suit of top suiting brands.

Your attire describes your personality, status, and income. There is a great saying “the first impression is the last impression”.

So your attire is your first impression that you need to be maintained to win the heart of the people.

Comfort and trendy:- 

Pick one over others is not at all recommendable. You should wear something that is comfortable and trendy in the same way. If you focus more on-trend and leaves comfort behind then you might face an issue that ruins your confidence results in losing something that you want to achieve.

For example – If you want to attend any international conference that runs long hours and for this day you chose to wear tight pants just imagine how difficult for you to sit in tight pants for a long. So it is advisable to never sacrifice your comfort with fashion.


Always stay careful before choosing your color. Choose the color that fits your occasion. If you are going for a business meeting and wear dark brownish-red color then it puts a wrong impression on your client resultant you might lose a big chunk.

In the same way, you can’t wear a formal suit at a poolside cocktail party you must change your attire as per the occasion. So fashion is important everywhere to maintain your confidence and to make you look perfect amongst the crowd.


Fashion not only restricted to clothes, it includes other fashion accessories as well to match up with your clothes like a watch, belt, shoes, perfume, etc.

Wear formal shoes with a formal suit avoid wearing sports shoes with a formal suit. It makes you look ugly.

Shoes are the first that other person first sees on you. So always careful while wearing shoes always matches up to it with your attire. Keep your shoes clean and polished to stay confident and relax.

Another one is a belt try to wear a formal belt with formal shoes and a funky belt with jeans.

If you smell good you look good. Always use perfume if you are going for a business meet or an informal meeting. 

So I hope, now you will able to related confidence with fashion. 

Always follow trends to boosts your self-confidence and self-motivation.

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