Points to remember while writing SEO Blogs

Points to remember while writing SEO Blogs
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Blogging is an art where the blogger utilizes the internet space for expressing its views, opinions, and ideas in order to communicate with masses and also generate learning.  The secondary reason for creating a blog is to enhance the scope of knowledge and even understand the ideas and opinions of their users. There is an assumption that only writing whenever the person feels like is far better than writing an SEO blog. One shouldn’t be following this method as does not guarantee users to be reading or visiting your website again. Bloggers and content writers use the practice of SEO as it allows the content to be optimized in a way that software like crawlers and spiders find these posts and meet the preferences and provide suitable blogs towards the audience. Here is some point to remember while writing

Keyword Research

Points to remember while writing SEO Blogs

One of the first steps that one should take while writing an SEO blog is to do keyword research. Keyword Researching is a method to extract certain keywords to know what keyword does the user uses to search.  This is very essential as it allows a peek into what user really wishes to find. Using the right keywords allows the blog to be ranked higher on the search engines. Note Do not engage in keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing makes the blogs look very artificial and makes it astray from the principles of learning and education.

Choosing of Blogging Site

Points to remember while writing SEO Blogs

The second point which holds a core value for writing a blog is to choose a site where you will be writing your blog.  In order to write blogs online, there are various sites available like WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. one should start using with the free version and as the experience broadens, they may shift to paid plans. Also, these sites provide with various blog templates with which one can make their blogs look more attracting and captivating.

Methods of Writing Good SEO Blogs

Writing an SEO blog includes various strategies. For e.g. one should structure and organize the content before proceeding to write a blog. how to organize and structure your blog

  • Use bold heading with one of the keywords followed by subheading in a smaller font than the heading
  • Divide your content into categories for e.g. introduction, problem, solution, and conclusion. this allows a perfect blend of an article
  • Use sensory words for good blog content for e.g. softly, luxurious, happily, as it allows the audience to grasp the article and take it in.
  • Use Short Paragraphs to keep the reader interested. nobody is interested in reading big paragraphs as it creates boredom
  • Always keep your blog content updated and correct any grammatically correct as no audience will visit your blog if they find these problems.

Targeting the Right Audience

Points to remember while writing SEO Blogs

One of the major points that should be kept in mind is to whom you are targeting. not every article will attract every audience.  you should be able to create readers personas (a fictional representation of your ideal reader) so that you will get an outlook that which audience would be more interested in reading your blog.

Add Pictures to the Blog

Points to remember while writing SEO Blogs

Lastly, remember to add some photos on to your blogs.  the reason to add pictures to your blog is to keep the reader interested and it also fills the white space. This keeps the readers interested and also make your content good to look.


These are some points that should be taken into consideration while writing a good blog or a good article. A bonus tip for all the bloggers out there, Always Proofreads your Blog before Uploading it.   Remember a good blog is the one which has Quality, Quantity, and is Optimised for Audience. If you remember theses Qs your blog will be on higher ranking and might be viewable on the initial pages of the search engine. The only way to make your blog better is to keep working on your content and do not hesitate to experiment with new ideas as it helps in the growth of one’s skill and their website.

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