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Fitting your car with the perfect tyres is like a battle won. That’s because it’s the tyres, which play a dominant role in keeping you safe and secure while driving your precious four-wheeler. Let’s not forget that it’s the tyres that have a contact patch with the roads daily. So, it’s quite natural that you wouldn’t like to take risks with your tyres whatsoever.

Today, the market is flooded with an array of tyres. You’ll find many different types of varieties of tyres all claiming to fit the bill. But the onus lies on you, the customer, to choose the tyres that provide you with the utmost protection and security. In this context, Pirelli tyres hull makes the best deal for you. They are an amalgamation of the latest technology, style, and sustainability. Let’s see what Pirelli has in store for you. 

Tyres offered by Pirelli

Pirelli offers tyres with cutting-edge technology. They come as car tyres and SUV tyres. We’re going to discuss here some of the products manufactured by this tyre colossal. This will give you a better insight into the company. 

New Cinturato P7TM

This is a summer tyre designed explicitly for premium cars. It focuses on giving you the best of the performance on wet surfaces. Its other features include adequate fuel consumption, shorter braking distances, and low noise emissions. Its innovative tread pattern and high-quality compound material together assure you of efficiency and sustainability.

Cinturato P7 All Season

This tyre is made to perform in all types of moderate climatic conditions. It has a lower internal noise due to its optimized pitch sequence. The high siping density gives you a remarkable performance in all the seasons. It’s one of the best when it comes to aquaplaning because of its wide grooves and novel tread pattern. With improved mileage, it’s the first choice of people around the world. 

Scorpion Verde

This is an SUV tyre that provides you with an excellent grip in the wet conditions. It has a low rolling resistance and gives better fuel economy when compared to its counterparts. The lesser CO2 emissions make it an environmental-friendly tyre. You get comfort and overall stability while driving this tyre.  

P Zero Rosso

This tyre is mainly used in medium to high-powered cars, and it maintains just the right balance between comfort and performance. It has a high cornering ability with its longitudinal grooves. Its asymmetric tread pattern gives a high level of handling in situations like hydroplaning. 

The above are just a few glimpses of the cheap tyres by Pirelli. There’s a wide range of these black circles manufactured by this tyre giant. Let’s see what different is Pirelli is doing in comparison to others. 

What’s so special about Pirelli?

  • Pirelli is standing firm on a strong lineage to boast of. It was founded in 1872, and it has been creating waves since then. The fact that it has survived in the industry for such a long time itself is quite praiseworthy.   
  • Today, you can see the presence of Pirelli in 160 countries of the world. It’s continually ruling the roost in the five continents around the globe.
  • Most of its tyres are marked as original equipment, which gives a firm belief to the buyer in the company ethos.
  • It’s in collaboration with some of the most reputed car manufacturers in the world. 
  • Its research centres are spread across the world. They are continually working tirelessly to develop unique technology to provide the best experience to their users. 
  • Pirelli has also carved its niche in the racing world, and it has helped win quite a several championships. 


Why should you prefer Pirelli tyres over local brands?

Pirelli tyres is not just a name, but years of innovation and research. The tyres are not only engineered to support your car on the harshest of terrains, but also reduce your maintenance costs by decreasing the rolling resistance. What else? A select few models of Pirelli come with a treadwear warranty, so you may get covered against any premature wearing of tread.

If you want to know more, visit a nearby auto-shop, and ask the experts about the brilliant features of Pirelli tyres in the market. While some help your car to drive on icy, and slippery surfaces, a lot of them feature an all-weather compound, so your safety never gets compromised. 

Other than performance and safety, Pirelli prefers to focus on customer satisfaction as well. Therefore, it uses high-quality rubber compound, biting edges, and a robust sidewall in all its tyres.

Pirelli comes with a strong history and tradition. Just try out these tyres on your vehicle, and you’ll get to know what we’ve been speaking about here. Visit your trusted garage today, and buy a premium set of Pirelli tyres at the best prices.

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