Newspapers Are Feeling Left Out

Newspapers are feeling left out
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With the advent of Digital Media; Print Media is feeling left out. Most of the youngsters have not been able to develop the habit of reading the newspapers because they feel that they get instant updates on their smartphones only.

Today almost everyone has a smartphone and access to all the applications. Smartphones have Mobile Applications of all the news portals online.

We cannot say that we are leaving behind the print media, because the older generations are still preferring to read the newspapers in the morning.

Although it’s true that After digital media has entered the industry, the print media has faced some kind of rejections but not completely.

If we compare the audience of Radio, Television, Digital, and Print, we will get to notice that most of the audience is engaged in the Digital mediums and then comes the television and radio and lastly the print.

Newspapers are mostly filled with advertisements only. They have become a medium to earn revenue by the way of advertisements.

What to do to regain the audience for the print medium?

  • Start encouraging the students of school/ colleges to buy the monthly subscription od newspapers and read it on a daily basis
  • Students should be knowing the advantages of reading the newspapers
  • Building of vocabulary
  • If a person wants to go in the field of journalism then he/she should be reading newspapers to improve their vocabulary
  • An individual should stay updated
  • Brings a sense of maturity

There are many more benefits to reading newspapers. Reading has always benefitted people.

The more you read, the more perfect you will be, in your words and in your knowledge.

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