Natural Therapies For Mental Health Problems

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Mental health issues co-exist with physical health problems. Just because society can’t visualize its manifestation in your mind, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Just like you do a skincare routine, you need to de-stress. 

There is no particular type of person who is prone to suffer from mental health problems. From celebrities to accountants, everyone can experience mental health problems’ symptoms. 

If you have been facing mental health problems during lock-down and otherwise, then we have one piece of advice for you –

“Don’t fight this battle alone. Don’t feel ashamed of sharing your emotions. Staying silent will overwhelm and overburden you.”

What do you mean by mental health issues? 

Are you struggling to express your emotions and thoughts in a balanced manner? If yes, then you may be experiencing signs of mental health problems. However, the list of types and signs don’t end here. It is an infinite spectrum that needs to be understood, acknowledged, and accepted. 

A brief note on what kind of feelings and behaviors indicate mental health issues – 

  • Suicidal intentions
  • Switching between a paranoid and euphoric state of mind 
  • Undergoing episodes of anxiety and panic 
  • Depressive episodes that last for more than two weeks 
  • Auditory and/or visual hallucinations 
  • Having thoughts where you inflict harm on yourself 

A note on various causes of deteriorated mental health status – 

  • Any kind of physical or emotional trauma period 
  • Being socially isolated 
  • Faced bullying or any kind of discrimination in how others treated you 
  • Having experienced a loss of near and dear ones 
  • Highly stressful life without any fun 
  • Domestic abuse 
  • Having a drug addiction and alcohol addiction problem 

Also, it can be said that mental health issues can be caused genetically. Although it isn’t certain that you are suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder because it runs along your family tree, it can be one of the probable causes of mental health problems. 

The surroundings and environment where you have grown up can also negatively affect your mental growth. 

Lastly, you can show mental health problems’ symptoms if there is a significant discrepancy in the secretion level of chemicals like dopamine or serotonin.  

Can you help yourself in tackling your mental health issue? 

If you don’t want to medicate yourself to treat the signs of mental health problems, then self-care or self-appreciation is the best remedy for you.

Despite saying this, we don’t support you keep your struggle to yourself. There might be tips and guidelines called natural therapies for mental health problems. However, if the need arises, do consult a professional to get you through this journey. 

How can you do it? 

You can practice self-care by following these natural therapies – 

  1. Be aware of your mood fluctuations. Try to maintain a mood tracker so that you can notice any warning signs of poor mental health. 
  2. Try to have an active social life. Being asocial can trigger loneliness. 
  3. Try to attend online support groups so that you realize that others feel the same way you do. 
  4. Try to spend some time in nature. You can do gardening or go for walks in the evening to inhale fresh air. 
  5. Lastly, if you can’t manage the situation on your own, then please ask for professional help and support. A right diagnosis at the right time will help in minimizing the signs of mental health problems.

How is the coronavirus impairing your mental state? 

It is an overwhelming period where too many precautions need to be taken to ensure that you stay alive. The list of measures and restrictions is endless – 

You need to wear FDA sanctioned face masks. You need to wear one high-quality face mask with an anti-viral filter

You need to maintain a safe distance from the crowd. 

You have to abide by all quarantine rules.

There is just too much happening that can hamper your sanity. Mental health problems during covid-19 are surfacing and increasing. So, let us find out the factors that are leading to this so that we can find ways to overcome the same. 

  1. If you don’t engage with friends, family, or society virtually, then you are not following social distancing, but harboring loneliness which isn’t healthy. 
  2. If you had financial stability before covid-19, and suddenly you are facing unemployment, then this might trigger fear and stress. 
  3. Work from home gives more flexibility and time to finish your work. However, if you ending up overworking, then your body will be prone to fatigue which isn’t good for your brain. 

Complementary therapies for mental health disorders – 

This is an alternative to medicine for mental health problems. Any form of complementary therapy is believed to be holistic. The treatment isn’t per mainstream treatment for mental health disorders. So, often it varies with each symptom. 

A list of the types of complementary therapies that can be used for the treatment of mental health issues – 

  • Herbal and homeopathy therapies –

There are some pharmacists or herbalists who prescribe medicines made from plants. Though their ability to bring about change isn’t backed by scientific theories, this alternative of non-herbal drugs for mental health problems has gained recognition over the years. Try and find out if its interaction with your body is suiting you or not.

According to homeopathy doctors, what causes the rise of mental health symptoms can also minimize those symptoms. This might be a complementary therapy, but it is usually not advised. 

  • Acupuncture therapy

This is a famous Chinese treatment for mental health illnesses like schizophrenia and recurrent depressive episodes. What happens in this therapy? All that is done is needles are injected, and then the healing process begins. 

No scientific theory supports this way of healing, but you can always try. 

  • Aromatherapy and massage – 

Aromatherapy is related to massage therapy, that is, the former is done through the latter. The usage of oils extracted from plants to treat mental health issues is called aromatherapy. A little bit of research is done to prove its authenticity. More and more studies should be conducted. 

  • Yoga and meditation – 

Yoga consists of breathing exercises, flexibility exercises, and core strengthening exercises. When you put all your energy into doing a physical workout, then you are taking a fruitful break from the humdrum of life. This reduces all kinds of stress by putting a pause on your racing thoughts. 

Mindfulness goes hand-in-hand with meditation. It is a part of cognitive behavior therapy that is used by psychologists to treat depression and related mental health disorders. There are so many apps, podcasts, and YouTube videos to guide you through this. 

Now that we have discussed what mental health issues are, let us now come to the natural therapies which if practiced regularly will improve your mental health in no time. 

So, let us begin with the best therapy for mental health problems that act as an efficient alternative for medications. It is called – Naturopathy. 

How does naturopathy treat a mental illness called anxiety? 

These are all based on proven scientific shreds of evidence. 

  1. A diet that is filled with maximum nutrients. 
  2. A balanced dose of supplements for the loss of nutrients. 
  3. Effective implementation of mindfulness, yoga, etc. 
  4. Undergoing hypnotherapy and other modalities like a guided visualization. 
  5. Change in lifestyle like sleeping cycle, physical exercise and so much more.

Discussion on natural therapies for mental health problems – 

  • If you are unable to share your distress verbally, then try writing it down on a piece of paper. Vent everything, rant, dump down your emotions. If needed, then crumple the page and throw it away. This will be a healthy way of releasing your anger and frustration. 
  • Are you juggling multiple commitments at once? This juggle when it goes out of balance can result in extreme worry and panic. So, try to learn how you can manage your time well so that there is no extra pressure on your mind. 

Is spending quality time with your pet the best therapy for mental health problems? 

This therapy doesn’t come at a heavy price. You can adopt a pet (dog, cat, rabbit) from any shelter home. They are the most loyal and loving creatures, so, this therapy will make you feel loved without any expectations. You will receive unconditional love and warmth from them. 

Coronavirus has compelled us to be over-cautious about our physical health. In being excessively cautious, we are losing our sleep and sanity which is hindering our mind’s positive growth. So, find out if you are showing any signs of mental health issues, then try out any of these natural therapies.

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