Must-Have Educational Apps for Kids under the age of 14 years

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While kids should not spend maximum time on phones and laptops, it is not suitable for mental fitness. However, certain apps are no less than bliss for kids. Whether you are a parent or an elder sibling, you must support your youngster to access educational apps as it will help them learn their subjects in the most fun way.

  1. ClassDojo 

This is one of the most learning apps for kids. This app is perfect for students, parents, and teachers, and it allows all to connect seamlessly. Through this educational app, kids can connect with their teachers at any time. Also, it keeps their parents up to date with all the latest happenings. ClassDojo enhances the classroom experience and, at the same time, provides the best of the learning experience to the kids. 

  1. Duolingo

In case your kid likes to learn a new foreign language, then this is the perfect app for you. It helps the kids to learn an array of languages that includes Spanish, French, Danish, Italian, German, and many more to name. Also, it allows downloading the notes from different languages so that your kid can study them anytime and from anywhere. Also, it does not have any charges. This app is fun and interactive.

  1. DragonBox

This is an ideal app for all the parents and kids. This app is a bliss for all the parents who find it hard to teach maths subject to their kids. This particular app allows your kids to learn all the segments of maths that include Algebra and Geometry. This maths can be fun. Though you would have to pay the segments’ fees, there is no charge for downloading the app.

  1. Quick Maths

This is also one of the ideal educational apps for kids who struggle to understand numbers; it helps the users to understand basic maths for grade 2 to six kids. It is also the best solution for self-improvement as it helps kids increase their skills and understand all the difficulties. The app is available for Android Apple users. It can be downloaded by all the telecom service providers like Airtel. You can opt for an appropriate recharge plan and make Airtel Recharge make use of the internet packs. 

  1. YouTube Kids 

This app is designed especially for kids as it offers videos on entertainment that inspire kids and help them enhance their skills. It is known to be the best educational app for kids below 14 years. It also offers different ways that allow kids to watch their favorite content anytime and anywhere. The app is currently available for free and is easy to use. Not only kids but in fact, parents can also watch the videos along with their kids. 

  1. Science 360

Another educational app that is apt for all the kids and parents is science 360. It is designed by National Science Education. The app is exclusively designed for tablet users. It has high-quality content on engineering, advanced science. The content is updated every week. The content available on the app is curated by NSF or is produced by universities across the globe. What makes it different from the rest of the educational app is the fact that it provides a 3D image from every possible angle

  1. Crossword Puzzles

This is one of the ideal tools to increase your kid’s smartness quotient and excel in the studies. This app is very easy to use. All you would have to do is download the app and that it. Besides kids, the app is also perfect for people who like to solve the crossword. This is one of the smart apps for kids as it allows them to study maths in different ways.

  1. Spelling Stage

One of the common problems with most of the kids is spelling mistakes; with this app, it would be easy for kids to learn spellings. It also offers a subscription where the kid can learn all types of pf spellings, including the most complicated once. 

  1. My Molecularium 

Known as one of the entertaining, educational apps, this app is crafted for high school students. It has an array of fun games that allows the kids to learn something new most engagingly. The fun games revolve around chemistry and maths formulas. You can get its subscription for free.

  1. Flow free 

This is one of the interesting puzzle games for kids and adults. It has more than 2000 puzzles that, too, for free. However, there is no additional purchase choice for extending the packs


In this digital world, educational apps play an essential role. These help kids learn different subjects in a fun and unique manner, making it even more interesting. Here we have listed a couple of educational apps that are perfect for kids

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