Long Hair Transplant Surgery: Complete Overview

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Hair Transplant Surgery is becoming famous for its various techniques. Well, we all know Hair Transplant Surgery is the most effective medium to restore fallen hair. But, it is most important for all of us that we all have to understand the various facts and techniques of Hair Transplant Surgery before undergoing transplant surgeries. 

Hair Transplant Surgeries are performed with various techniques but in India, there are 6 techniques which are most-famous and effective are:

  1. FUT Hair Transplant Surgery
  2. FUE Hair Transplant Surgery
  3. Robotic HAARTS Hair Transplant Surgery
  4. Combination Hair Transplant Surgery
  5. Synthetic hair transplant
  6. Long Hair Transplant Surgery

Today, we are explaining about Long Hair Transplant Surgery technique.

Long Hair Transplant Surgery technique is preferred for those patients who want to increase their hair density with no evidence. The downtime in this Long Hair Transplant Surgery technique is just 2 days. The patient can easily join their offices just right after 2 days of their surgery. 

All the surgery procedures are similar to other Hair Transplant Surgery technique but the point should be noted is the implanted hair. The implanted hair is similar to the length of the other hair of the head. There is no evidence to find out the newly implanted hair. 

Long Hair Transplant Surgery technique is the best technique and easy to execute as well. But, the concern is the fulfillment of surgery rituals regarding pre-operative and post-operative for the best results.

Facts about Hair Transplant Surgery:

  1. Natural Hair: All the transplanted hair is ordinary and a separate should follow all the accepted rituals with all newly grown hair such as chopping, coloring and any other treatment as per the technique and trends. 
  2. Painless Surgery: Patients should not get worried about any pain during surgery because anesthesia incisions preclude them from any pain. I am not saying that this surgery is entirely straightforward but anesthesia incisions make this surgery painless and safe and after surgery, there is a mild pain that subsides regularly. 
  3. Surgery depends upon Stage of Baldness: There are very few patients who know about the stages of hairlessness. The surgeon who performs surgery informs their patient about the hairlessness stage and then supplementary suggests appropriate treatment as per the stage. 
  4. Cost of the Surgery: Cost of the surgery depends upon various factors like:
  5. The expertise of Surgeon 
  6. Geographical Location of the Clinic
  7. Surgery procedures used to perform surgery
  8. Number of follicles demanded by the patient
  9. Baldness at Primary Stage: Hair Transplant Surgery is not the only solution for the patient of a bald head. It entirely depends upon the stage and the surgeon’s preference. Surgeon will guide the better treatment than surgery. 
  10. Results: Results vary from patient to patient. The results of the surgery depend upon the person’s own hair growth and quality of lifestyle.

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