Long Drive? Here are the Essential Tools for your Sleeper Trucks

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A sleeper truck has a cab that is intended for the drivers to rest and take a break from driving during the day or sleep during the night. Unlike day cabs, sleepers are designed for long drives that are necessary to ensure that deliveries are made on time to keep clients happy. In line with this, below are some essential tools that drivers need to have in their sleeper trucks to ensure a smooth and seamless long drive.

Navigation Device

One of the things that drivers need to have in their sleeper trucks, especially during extremely long drives, is a navigation device that keeps them on track. This is true even if the drivers are already familiar with their route because there are instances wherein a closed road may entail the need for them to take an alternate route that they may not really be familiar with. The key thing to note here is that the GPS device should be specifically designed for OTR truck drivers rather than for passenger automobiles.

Backup Smartphone

Another item that drivers need to bring along with them during a long drive is a backup smartphone. While it is often the case that sleeper trucks for sale have a charging station, there are instances wherein a smartphone may encounter other issues instead of merely running out of battery. For a driver making a delivery, a backup smartphone is necessary to ensure that there will be a way for him to get in touch with his client or company, should there be a need to.


Being exposed to abundant sunlight may have a significant impact on a driver’s ability to drive defensively. Thus, high-quality sunglasses that will protect the driver’s eyes from too much sun is important to keep him from getting headaches because of straining their eyes. Since sunglasses tend to be misplaced during a long drive, it is a good idea to take a couple with you so that you will always have one ready to wear when you need to.


Aside from too much sunlight, extreme darkness may also pose driving challenges, which is why it is necessary to always take a flashlight with you during a long drive. This will help a driver see better at night while inspecting their trucks. There are several types of flashlights that drivers can choose from, but it is important to bring a couple of extra sets of batteries.

Utility Knife

Bringing a utility knife or a pocket knife during a long drive can prove to be beneficial because it is great for a number of uses. For instance, it can be used to cut twines from a haul. It can also be used to take the tire tread depth measurements.


During a long drive, there are instances wherein unfortunate scenarios happen, such as minor issues with the truck. In this case, a toolbox with a complete set of gears proves to be necessary. As much as possible, fill it with various sizes of crescent wrenches and combination wrenches, as well as a dog or dog bone wrench. It should also consist of vice grips, wire cutters, as well as electrical tapes. A ratcheting screwdriver set and a 3-lb. sledgehammer proves to be beneficial for headlight adjustments and releasing a 5th wheel that is stuck.

Spare Parts

Alongside a toolbox complete with gears, it is also a good idea to equip a sleeper with some spare parts for the truck. This is because even the most well-tended truck can encounter problems on the road from time to time. This is where spare parts such as air or fuel lines, as well as a liquid wrench, antifreeze, bulbs, fuses, and brake fluid prove to be valuable.

Work Gloves

Truck drivers don’t just sit behind the wheel but they tend to their trucks as well, making their work quite a physically demanding job. In this case, having a good pair of work gloves that can help protect their hands while they are tending to their trucks is important. This can also help them make their work easier.

Slow Cooker

It can prove to be challenging to have a healthy meal while on the road, even if it is essential. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a slow cooker in the sleeper to ensure that the driver doesn’t need to settle for poor-quality food.

To wrap things up, the tools listed above are only some of the must-haves that drivers need to keep in their sleepers. There are several other things that drivers can bring, depending on their needs and preferences. The important thing is to ensure that they get the proper rest and break from driving for their own safety, as well as for the safety of other motorists on the road.

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