It is a matter of concern that our earth is being adversely affected mainly due to the ignorance of human mankind. The industrialists are polluting waterbodies by disposing factory waste, it is really unfortunate that the attitude of most of the population of the world is that someone else should start the initiative towards protecting the environment and that one person cannot make a difference to the environment, but this is completely false. The citizens of the globe should be encouraged to take that one step towards environmental protection so that our future generation does not suffer in this earth that we have borrowed from them!

This question is running through the minds of thousands of people but the truth can be shocking for the businessmen who trade oil for money and it’s helpful for the 1 in 100 poor environmentalists who value our earth.

My views on this are that the end of oil will bring a positive impact towards our earth as most of us know that oil was in the process of formation, thousands of years ago deep inside the earth’s crust, we now have heard that environmental engineers have promised the world to the discovery of alternate sources of energy such as solar energy, biogas, etc in the coming years.

We shouldn’t get surprised if cars run with the help of an non-conventional source of energy . We have already seen many cars run with the help of batteries which only need to be charged periodically. Cars such as Tesla model X, Chevrolet bolt EV, etc are already in the urge of saving our environment.

The poor residents who live near oil refineries, who breath in these gases are falling prey to various diseases such as lung cancer, asthma, etc. They are putting themselves into major problems also the poor workers who work in large oil refineries and perform oil related jobs for low wages are ruining their internal health. The ships transporting oil create oil spills in the large ocean bodies which contaminates water and air which leads to the severe death of birds and fishes.

If the oil is drained out from our earth it will actually be beneficial to the people their health and our beautiful nature. Even if oil is going to be present maybe for a time duration of a billion years more, people should know how to use them in a limit and not get completely dependent on oil as they are the ones who are deeply going to suffer after the exhaustion of oil.

When we take a brief look to the process involved in the refining of oil, it opposes the 2r’s- Reduce, Reuse as people have sadly forgotten to reduce the limit of usage, oil cannot be reused, and if they can in future it will involve, again severe destruction. If we take into the point of oil extraction which involves drilling; a process of extraction done by machines to extract various resources where the machines cause severe noise pollution. Thus, refinery of oil causes noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution as the waste collected after the refinery process is disposed into beautiful lakes and rivers.

I urge businessmen to implement safer methods so that less harm is done to our admirable environment. I also urge businessmen to implement safer working conditions as we periodically hear various news through newspaper reports, news channel, etc regarding unfortunate deaths or injuries. Safer methods such as high quality machines providing them with different kinds of equipment which at the same time are not harmful to the environment.

If each and every human being are environmental enthusiasts and join hands to launch various environmental campaigns this earth will be a better place for us and our future generations!

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