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Analysing the education system in India

Analysing Education System In India

Education is a learning knowledge, where an individual finds out about different parts of life, comprehends the alternate points of view and attempts to apply

Top 5 Self Balancing 2 Wheeler Scooters

Top 5 Two wheel Electric scooters

Two wheel self-balancing electric scooters, popularly known as Segways can be regarded as one of the most popular ” Fun things to have ” in the

5 Easy Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

5 Easy Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

No prescription required. Medication isn’t the only way to bring those levels down safely. More than 100 million Americans have high cholesterol levels, which can contribute to

Travelling Abroad_ Dos and Don’ts

Traveling Abroad: Dos and Don’ts

Traveling abroad, especially for the first time, can be daunting, confusing and honestly, a huge pain! But there are some things that can be done

Defy all odds, make it happen!

Defy all odds, make it happen!

The much-touted epics of AMAZON, APPLE, GOOGLE and TESLA starting from mere scratch to an untouched height is undoubtedly worth a billion dreams to each


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