Koraput, Odisha India: The best kept secret of Odisha Tourism

Koraput, Odisha India: The best kept secret of Odisha Tourism
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Koraput is a District in the state of Odisha in India and is popular for it’s natural beauty, unexplored tourist destinations and not to forget the tribal culture. It is a perfect gift from nature to the state of Odisha with enchanting hills, lush green forests, amazing waterfalls and exotic wildlife and not to forget the primitive tribal groups found here.

Koraput shares its boarder with Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It is well connected with most of the major cities in Odisha by Rail and road. Nearest airports is Vishakhapatnam which is at a distance of 5 hours by road. Moreover Koraput is also regarded as commercial hum the region. Sunabeda in Koraput houses the engine division and the Sukhoi division of the  HAL (Hindustan aeronautics Limited). Also National Aluminium Corporation (Nalco) operates at Damanjodi at a distance of about 2 Kms from Koraput.

Places to Visit in Koraput

Although there are several places to visit in Koraput, we bring a list of the must visit places in Koraput.

Sabara Shreekhetra Jagannath Temple

It is one of the most famous Jagannath temples in Odisha after Jagannath Temple in Puri. This temple is located on a hilltop surrounded with lush green surrounding and utmost calmness. The foundation of this temple was laid by one of the most ancient tribes of India known as the “Sabara’s” in the 12th Century. Because of its link with the Sabara tribal group, it has been named as Sabara shreekhetra. The importance of this place can be understood from the fact that, thousands of tourists visit this place all the year round. Also UNICEF organizes a famous festival called “Parab” annually at this place. Moreover this place does not discriminate its visitors on the basis of religion or caste. This is one of the best place to shop for some aauthentic tribal handicrafts sold here in nearby shops.

Rani Duduma Waterfalls

Raniduduma waterfall located in Koraput is a must visit place for all tourists and is one of the most important tourist attractions in the district. The nearest location to this place is Similiguda which is about 20 Kms away and the nearest village is Nandapur. This mesmerizing waterfall nestles itself lush green forest. Also this place is very popular picnic spot for locals as well as visitors from other nearby cities.

This waterfall is formed by river “Machkund” and water stream is about 175 meters high. It is advised to visit this place between the months of October to January when this fall is at its apex best.

Gupteswar caves

 This is one of the best kept secrets of Koraput and highly rated by visiting tourists. The name itself means the “the hidden caves” and is dedicated to lord Shiva. It is a belief that the Siva Linga present here keeps increasing its size. Lying at a distance of 55 Kms from Jeypore city, this is a must visit place when in Koraput. Surrounded by dense Sal forests, this place is a paradise for nature lovers. During the month of “Shravana” devotees from all over the state visit this place to offer water to Lord Shiva. 

A popular belief is that, Lord Rama during his exile period discovered this place. Later on he worshiped Lord Siva at this place and names this place as “Gupteswar”. Because of its link with Lord Rama, the near by hills has been names as “Ramagiri”. This cave is about 3 mtrs wide and 2 mtrs in height and about 200 steps lead to its entrance. Because of its religious importance, it finds its name in the list of top tourism attractions in the district.

Kolab dam and Reservoir 

Kolab dam and reservoir is regarded as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in India. Situated close to the Jeypore town, this place has become very popular among visiting tourists. This dam is situated on Kolab river and is surrounded by high mountain ranges creating a mesmerizing sight. Boating in the reservoir can be a thrilling experience for the tourists. It is 55 meters in height and 646 meters in length. Also there is a beautiful botanical garden nearby where one can spend some time in laps of nature with loved ones.

Tribal Culture in Koraput

Koraput is the hotspot for tribal tourism in Odisha as it houses some of the most primitive tribal groups found in India. Tribal groups like Gadabas, Paroja’s, Bhumia’s, Durua’s and Savaras are found here and are native to this place. Koraput is one of the nest place to peep into the unknown world of tribes and tribal cultures. A museum dedicated to these tribal groups has been set up where one can see unique items and artifacts related to the tribal groups. This museum has been set up right behind the Sabara Shreekhetra Jagannath temple. Tour to Koraput is house to natural beauty.

Tour to Koraput is a perfect blend of Nature, heritage and cultural tourism. For a tour to Koraput October to March is the best time. when the climate is most suitable for visiting different places and enjoy the nature to fullest.

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