Know which Yoga Asana is Best For Sportsperson

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Being mentally and physically fit is key to success for a sportsperson. And to maintain fitness and perfection, sportsperson needs regular exercise, running and also yoga asana. Whether it is a cricket ground, tennis/badminton court, football ground, hockey ground, belly dance, or snow dance and athletes, one who is fit and perfect is going to be hit. And he is the real winner of the game.

Yoga is the best option than any other fitness regime in the current era by establishing better coordination between yoga body and mind, it proves effective in making the person agile. It is very important to have mind formation and body balance in sports or any other competition.

Yoga liberates the negative energy and blocked energy within, giving it a new positive, and active direction. The more aware and active the player becomes, the more he will become an expert in the game. Yoga can help in all kinds of sports. It is very beneficial to keep the focus on the target in sports and release stress. 

Which yoga asana is best for sports

  1. Shooting, Boxing, and Chess: It is necessary to have concentration, profession, and future thinking in all three games. All this can be found with yoga. One can do meditation to keep himself more focused. This will develop Patience and future thinking which will make you a champion of chess, boxing, or shooting. 

Meditation- Meditation is one of the techniques in yoga to remain focused until the task is not completed. Meditation helps calm the mind, body, and health, disease, stress, and many other things. Meditation leads to our intellectual, mental, spiritual development. We can increase our concentration, our ability to do things.

Meditation is a practice. Where a person uses a method to focus his mind on a particular object, thought, or activity. To train awareness, meditation is to achieve a calm and stable state mentally clear and emotionally.

  1. Cricket: If you are a cricketer, in cricket apart from concentration, agility, assurance, and flexibility are important. For this, pranayama, meditation, and sun salutation can also work. Provided that this is done regularly. Nevertheless, if you keep on practicing Bhujangasana, Halasana, Padahastasana, Chandrasana, and limb movements, it will be better.

Bhujangasana- When you do Bhujangasana your whole body gets a good stretch. It has a great effect on your digestive system and makes it strong. This can also make your body flexible. Your back muscles are most affected due to not exercising. Gradually, these muscles become weak and this causes backache, bending, slip discs, and other back problems.

Halasana- With this asana, each piece of digestive organs and spine is exercised, they have flexibility, they are strong. This affects the glands of the throat. The body comes into balance.

Helps reduce stomach and back pain and fat. Blood circulation is faster. By practicing this, the appetite increases, and Sushumna’s pulse is affected. Halasana is best for mental and physical health.

Padahastasana-  This asana makes the spinal cord healthy and flexible. Aids in controlling diabetes.Beneficial for the patients of constipation, indigestion, and gastric. Blood circulation increases the brightness of the face by being on the side of the brain. Reduces abdominal fat.

Also helps to increase the height of children. Makes muscles of the thighs and calves strong.

Chandrasana- By doing this asana, lunar energy is used in the right direction. This makes your back stronger. It provides mental peace by improving blood circulation. Stretches your spine. Strengthens your feet, hands, back, and stomach muscles. The best time to perform Chandra asana is night. Keep in mind that while doing this, your stomach is empty or you have been eating for 3-4 hours.

  1. Football, Hockey, and Tennis: It is often heard that football, hockey, and tennis players complain of cramping of feet or calf. Yoga can also help them in every way. They should resort to Vajrasana, limb handling, and pranayama. Apart from this, you can enjoy foot massage and Ayurvedic bathing.

Yoga Package: Anulom-Antonyms in Pranayama. In the asanas, perform limb movements, trikonasana, tadasana, katichkrasana, padahastasana, anjaney asana, bhujangasana, halasana, brahmudra, vajrasana and uttrasana.

Trikonasana- By doing this easily, the unnecessary fat stored on your stomach starts decreasing as soon as your obesity starts decreasing. Anxiety and stress are reduced. A new excitement comes in the mind. Spinal flexibility begins. Practicing it at a fast pace gives the exercise to the whole body. Thigh, knee, and ankle become strong. Balances the body

Regular exercises strengthen all parts of your neck, back, waist, and legs. 

Vajrasana- This asana is helpful in digestion and keeps you away from many types of diseases. It helps to stress, and tension. This is a type of exercise. You can also reduce your weight through this asana.

Uttrasana-  Your muscles get flexibility while doing this asana. The flow of blood and strength is fine in the muscles, the face becomes beautiful. Eliminates women’s monthly troubles. It is beneficial in problems like constipation, indigestion, acidity, and diabetes. This asana is also beneficial in throat diseases. Doing Uttrasana daily benefits in eyesight. By this asana, the knee, blood, kidney, small intestine, liver, chest, lunge, and neck are affected simultaneously.

In addition, this asana benefits from breathing, abdominal, calf, legs, shoulders, elbows, and spinal diseases. You can also know more about meditation by joining 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

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