Well, Kawasaki would be launching their 400cc naked street bike this year in India. Many of us know that they are trying to match the success of the KTM Duke 390. Let’s see if they have the potential to do so, which is to challenge the KTM Duke 390 at a time when it has set up a separate fanbase all over India.

ENGINE – The place where the KTM has totally bitten the dust. KTM has a single cylindered 373cc engine as compared to the 400cc engine of the Kawasaki. Plus, the latter has a dual cylindered engine which certainly gives it a bonus lead over the KTM.

MILEAGE – It’s a tie. Both have an approximate mileage of 26 kmpl which is nice for a 350+cc bike.

TORQUE – Another tie for them. Both have a similar range of torque which means both of them to have the ability to glide at curves, highways, and racetracks.

ACCELERATION – Well finally the KTM has stood where it matters the most. The sudden boost of acceleration which is a major factor for the younger generation of people to flaunt the sporty DNA of the KTM. It is a lot faster, for accelerating from (0-60) kmph but faces tough competition for (0-100) kmph from the Z400.

WEIGHT – Another victory for the KTM. As far as the reports go, the KTM is lighter by 20kgs. This gives a clear advantage to the KTM in the inevitable city traffic.

GROUND CLEARANCE – KTM has a ground clearance of 185mm as compared to Z400’s 145mm, which makes it easier for the rider to take the KTM for off-roading and touring.

BRAKES – Both of these bikes have the same type of brakes, which is a dual disc and with dual channel ABS. But the Kawasaki provides a much higher bite as compared to the KTM, giving them a slighter edge over their rivals.

SERVICE – Both the companies, Bajaj and Kawasaki are totally opposite in nature, with Bajaj providing a low maintenance cost as compared to the Kawasaki. But the latter being more efficient and user-friendly in terms of service.

PRICE – In this segment, the KTM does put the debate to an end. The KTM costs around 2.48 lakhs whereas the Z400 is expected to be around 4lakhs. Which makes it clear that the KTM is around 1.5 lakhs cheaper than its rival and gives us enough reason to overlook its loopholes.


Kawasaki will have to add a few more features to their bike or lower their price before the launch, if they are willing to take down the KTM Duke 390.

The Duke 390 is still going to continue its tight grip hold on the Indian market with no immediate threat to the empire they have created in the past decade.

The Duke is the perfect naked street bike in the 350+cc segment. The robust acceleration, low maintenance cost and a cheaper price thus, makes them the ideal buy for the younger generation.

The Z400 is for those who want to have a highly efficient, highway cruiser and a long-term machine. Also, while keeping in mind the budget of this bike.

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